Year of the Dragon 2 cycles ago- my mom’s cancer diagnosis and losing my dad

I’ve had significant events happening in my life during each Dragon year zodiac cycle. I lost my dad in the year of 2000. The CNY of Dragon year 2000 was the last year we spent with him together before he passed away a few months later. My mom was also diagnosed with tonsil cancer that year which she was barely able to pull through. The events that happened that year were so sad that I would never wish them even on my worst enemy.

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Then the last cycle in year 2012, it was a very hectic year of my career. My company was undergoing a huge change and we had system issues almost on a daily basis. I alongside with a number of my colleagues were so busy working long hours, often leaving office after the sun has long set.  I was too busy to notice that my mom’s memory was declining but during that time my mom hid it very well. When it came end of 2016 winter solstice my mom was lying in bed most of the time not being her usual active self.

By Chinese New Year of 2017, she hardly got up and her skin was turning yellow with jaundice. Within the first few days of CNY, my mom was hospitalized due to acute liver cirrhosis (hardening of the liver due to flare of hepatitis B which turned from chronic to acute).  I tried to get help but had problem hiring someone who was willing to come and keep an eye on my mom during day time while I was at work- no one reliable was interested to look after an elderly person. My friend from Thailand came to help out temporary while I tried to decide what to do.

By April that year, she had a fall and was in great pain. It was obvious my mom cannot be left alone and require care. I quit my job that year to be a caregiver and have been with her since. In year 2020, I was finally able to get doctors to believe me and my mom was formally diagnosed with Alzheimers:


This year from two cycles where my life changed and never be the same, I’ve learned a lot. My dad’s passing and my mom’s illnesses ( late stage Alzheimers) really taught me about life and to treasure our parents.

Please, if your parents are still alive, make an effort to go back to see them. It would definitely mean a lot to them. Also, if we have children, we are also setting a good example for your children to do the same one day when we get old. I have seen with my old eyes cases where a person treated either their parents or in laws badly…… when they got old, they start to get a lot of illness and their kids treated them worse than how they had treated their parents/in-laws. Kids model after their parents.

My mom was very filial to my grandaunt (who raised my mom and given her an English education) and went through a lot of trouble to ensure she was able to look after my grandaunt till her last day.

Do not be estranged with your parents due to past grudges for they are getting older each day. We will never know how long time they get to spend here on this earth. Once they are gone, it is too late to make amends and the remorse would eat at our soul for the rest of our lives. It is almost unbearable to live with and I have seen 2 such cases of persons eventually developing Alzheimer’s (one was a man who got early stage Alzheimers in his forties).

Please make this year and the rest of time a meaningful one. Happy Chinese New Year.

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