Chinese chess set, Prickly Heat and Chinese face powder at MrDIY

Sometimes you would never know what you would discover at MrDIY. There are a few unusual and traditional things that I noticed that MrDIY is selling:

Traditional Chinese Chess Set

It is not easy to find the Chinese traditional chess set around nowadays. My mom taught me how to play the English chess (with king, queen, bishop, horse and pawn). And my late dad taught me how to play the Chinese chess. I remember one day years ago he said he wanted to teach me how to play the Chinese chess because he said it will help to develop the brain as well as strategic planning. It would also force me to memorize the Chinese characters which I have difficulty remembering. I was probably about 12 or 13 years old then.

Traditional Chinese set sold at MrDIY

In China and Hong Kong, you can sometimes see older folks sitting quietly playing a game of Chinese chess at the parks. Sometimes the game can take hours and because of a slow pace, it can be a form of focused meditation as well. The quality of the mind that can be developed through playing this with a worthy opponent, in my opinion is much better than playing mobile games.

Seeing this Chinese set does bring back memories…

Snake Brand Prickly Heat talcum powder

Snake Brand Prickly Heat powder

This item is widely available in Thailand at a relatively inexpensive price because it is manufactured there. But in Malaysia, it is somehow sold for a much higher price even though we are just neighboring country. This Snake Brand powder has been around since 1947 and come in the recognizable design. Nowadays they are replacing the tin container with identical plastic container.

The powder is effective especially for heaty rash or to apply when the weather is crazy hot. I would usually use the one with Lavendar fragrance. I am surprised to find this brand of powder being sold at MrDIY in Malaysia but if not mistaken they only carry the Classic one which is still good.

Sam Fong Hoi Tong Chinese Face Powder

Chinese Face powder

I use to this Chinese face powder when I was growing up. My late grandaunt used to like to keep stuff and she kept some of the early face powders that my mom had used when she was young. One of them was the Sam Fong Hoi Tong brand of face powder. The face powder is kept at a real affordable price of less than RM2- which is something one can never dream of getting when buying from the conventional brands.

Well, the 3 items above are just surprising traditional finds from MrDIY. The pricing of these items are also kept relatively low.


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