Where to find violin class in Ipoh / online

If you are looking to learn violin or you wish to have your child to learn how to play the violin, there is a good teacher I can recommend. His name is Tek Yiiii. His instagram account is https://www.instagram.com/tekyiii/.

For those who are based in Ipoh, Perak, you can sign up for classes directly with him. Students who are based in other locations can also learn online. He conduct classes for his students via zoom.

Nurturing creativity from a young age

Violin is a beautiful musical instrument to learn to play on. I always believe in nurturing one’s creative talents from young, be it in music or other creative ventures. Once awakened, creativity will spill over at other areas of our lives example in problem solving or thinking out of the box.

I wish to share experience from my life.

While I do not have any talent in music, I have interest in crafts. It came during the time when I felt very pressured while preparing for my STPM (pre university exams). I went out and got myself some satin ribbons and beads and started making my own creations. It really helped to take the enormous pressure pressure off and utilize another side of my brain which was dormant.

Up till then, I never considered myself a creative person because during my time creativity was measured in how good we are at art and drawing…. and I was really bad and show absolutely no inclination or talent in it. But making something with my hands and experimenting with colour combinations seemed to awaken something within me. I was able to learn creative ways to study, to understand and articulate the scientific facts and formulas which previously I was not able to do before I started making crafts.

I continued my hobby and purchased more materials and colours with the money I earned from holiday jobs. Eventually through online forums, I was amazed by the websites that crafters have build to share their creations with the world. I learned to build my own websites…. started with Geocities, then blogspot and in 2008, I purchased my domain and self hosted my blogs. Eventually my interest in crafting morphed to sharing via blogging and building my own blogs.

It also shaped my career whereby as a science student, I got into commerce field which was totally not related to my area of study. Eventually I took over information portals and communication- and build a career spanning more than a decade. Basically I got paid doing what I love. Creativity not only meant for an artist but I consider it a useful skill in corporate world that helps us to stand out…. because it enables us to think out of the box and have excellent problem solving skills.

That is why I always encourage a person to take up a creative hobby. I know of a number of people that would love to learn music like violin and piano. It is never too late to start. It is never a waste of time if you have the interest to learn when you find you are in a state of flow when you immerse yourself in music or the creative venture that you love.

And if you see that your child have interest, give your child the opportunity to learn. It does not mean to force them if they have no interest. But if they have interest, you would be able to help to bring out and nurture the creativity within them which when balanced, with help them to lead their life to their fullest potential.

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