Chinese New Year (CNY) Personal Message, Quotes and Reflections

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Here are some of my personal reflections related to festival seasons, especially on Chinese New Year. There is also another page on  creative and inspirational CNY wishes and messages page.

It is not where we spend your CNY, but WHO we spend it with.

Spend it with people who is important to you…in your heart.
Not people that we are trying to impress. Because….
in future, these precious moments would be what we treasure and hold dear in our hearts.

I have not been to my old home for a few years. A friend ask if I miss the place. Nope, not really. Because I realized that the most important is not where we spend out time but WHO we spend it with. No matter how beautiful, luxurious or rich a place is, it is meaningless if we are not with people we truly care about.

Saying Sorry

If we are not in good term with our parents or an elder, CNY would be a good time to reach out to them. Make the first move. Reach out to them. Apologise for the past wrongs. It does not really matter who is in the wrong. The worst that can happen is that they ignore us. Be prepared for it and do it…Then you would not end up being some people I see who spend their lives blinded by regret when the opportunity to do it is forever gone…


No, it’s NOT okay

Even though our parents may say it is okay we need not visit or call if we are busy, the truth is, it is NOT okay. They love us and did not want to ‘inconvenient’ or burden us. But the fact is, they are lonely and they live for that moment to hear our voice or see your face. It means so much to them.

In my neighborhood, we have a few old folks whose grown children have migrated overseas. They remained behind. Please give them a call and go back to visit if possible. Because, I see what the grown kids do not see. They are so lonely. The house remains dark and cheerless during CNY- first is to save on electricity and secondly, no point of decorating if the kids are not coming back. A few stayed on their own and had to fend for themselves.

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