Compilation of Meaningful Chinese New Year Messages and Wishes

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Some are phrases from the advertisements, while some are adapted, ie I have made some changes from the earlier messages. Companies used to take up full page ads to run creative and meaningful ads during Chinese New Year. These messages were from past years.

Note: I will be updating more when time permits.

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Nestle: “Oh, when will I stop giving you ang-pows?”

“My unmarried grandchildren get asked this as I hand them their red packets. It’s a polite, old-fashioned way of asking if there’s a suitor in their lives. I eagerly await the day they take my hand and say, ‘yes, this is the last one’. Because then I can ask when there’ll be another delightful great-grandchild in my home.”

The incredible stories that fill our lives are what makes the celebation complete.

Maybank: Those who are not afraid to fall, leap the highest

Its dance is the heartbeat of the brave; its every jump, a testament to human courage. No wonder the lion dance is a symbol of sucess. From the roar of the drums to the dancers’ gravity-defying leaps, the lion moves the world. We too are constantly moved to scale new heights. Not just for our sake, but for those who helped us leap in the first place. You. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Honda: There are many things we can discover through one dinner..

… like the great love story of how Grandpa and Grandma met
… told over Mom’s experimental Peking Duck (she claims it’s fusion)
… or that Eldest Sister is expecting another baby- her fifth, to be exact
… while Cousin Brother is still not married yet
… Granduncle’s third daughter has started on a new job (and she’s not married yet either)…

Or perhaps simply, that a reunion is only complete when all in the family are home together.

From all of us at Honda, may the Year of the Dragon bring family from near and far together, to usher in an aspiring new year.
Wherever home may be, we will get you there safely.

Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Tenaga Nasional: Thank you for the Ang Pow

The Ang Pow has become the more than just a Chinese festive gift or a traditional symbol of good luck. Today, it has been adopted by everyone. It now comes in many colours to symbolise different celebrations. Only a society that can adapt, evolve and share their individual traditions can truly be united.

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone from all of us at Tenaga Nasional.

This message is divided into 2 parts (Maybank):

Petronas: Our names may be different, but our virtues are the same:

Like water, we adapt fluidity. Flowly smoothly over bumps and conquering even the roughest terrains. That’s a virtue that has been passed down from our father’s father, and his before that. With this energy, we have bought our ways to places our ancestors would never have dreamt of. This year of the [zodiac], let’s celebrate its virtue- adaptability.

Happy Chinese New Year from all at PETRONAS.


McDonalds: Happy Chinese New Year- may joy and abundance fill our lives, as families and friends reunite over the New Year. McDonald’s wishes everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai, and a prosperous year.

Note: These are not the original ads. I have redone the graphics as my hope is try to bring these meaningful messages to life.

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