Delicious seafood dishes and food in Kota Kinabalu

When visiting Sabah, there are lots of delicious food to try out. Kota Kinabalu is really known for its seafood due to its close proximity to the South China Sea.

Above is a family meal clockwise from left: large prawns, fried tofu in mayonese sauce, sambal crabs, 2 vegetable dishes, spicy sauce oysters (also see close up below), snails and ‘sharks fin’ soup (but nowadays, most Chinese restaurant do not use the real shark fin to make this soup anymore).

Kota Kinabalu food

Below is bihun (vermicilli noodles) fried with seafood.

Kota Kinabalu food

Below are charcoal grilled clams:

Kota Kinabalu food


Kota Kinabalu food

There are also other traditional dishes…. like the nasi kerabu mixed with nasi kunyit below:

Kota Kinabalu food

Below are dishes ordered at a vegetarian restaurant:

Kota Kinabalu vegetarian

Below is the kelapa bakar (burnt coconut) where basically the young green coconut is burnt…..

Kota Kinabalu kelapa bakar

and then it is served:

Kota Kinabalu burnt coconut drink

And lastly, could anyone tell me what is the name of the fruit below?

Kota Kinabalu fruit


Kota Kinabalu fruit


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