Taman Aman Jogging and Exercise park in Petaling Jaya

Aside from Taman Jaya and Bukit Gasing trekking, Taman Aman is also quite a nice park located within the residential area next to the Sri Aman Girls secondary school. It is also within walking distance from the Paramount LRT station in Petaling Jaya.

Taman Aman jogging and exercise park Petaling Jaya

Early in the morning about 7am, there are tai chi classes being conducted in the park. There is also a lady who brings her radio and then start an aerobic exercise group. Her classes are free of charge and any persons are welcomed to join.  I remember years ago when I first started exercising in the park, she had started the class not long. Initially the group were small but with time, more and more people started joining. I was surprised when I went to the park one morning a few years ago ….there were a large crowd of people.

Later I found out that she wanted to promote health and that is why she made the effort to have these classes for free at the park. Each morning she would leave her home at dawn and drive to the park to prepare for the class.

Note: There are also exercise classes located in Taman Jaya, another residential park opposite Amcorp Mall.

There are many people visiting the park early in the morning and evening. During weekend evenings, the park would be more crowded that normal as families, would go for a little exercise before dinner or to the mall.

Taman Aman jogging and exercise park Petaling Jaya

There are outdoor exercise equipments on this park like the above.

Taman Aman jogging and exercise park Petaling Jaya

The park surrounds a lake. On the picture above, it is the Kelana LRT line elevated train tracks….hence you would be able to hear trains going by every few minutes.

Personally I used to visit parks such as these for my exercise. But as work got more demanding, when I was finishing work late and I could not get up too early as I am not a morning person, I signed up for a gym membership instead because it was safer to go to the gym after dark.

But I quit my gym membership after I resigned to be a caregiver and do some walking almost daily at a park near my home (not here as I would need to drive to get to this park). Walking at parks like these are therapeutic and relaxing. If you come to the park long enough…. the regulars would start to greet and say hi to you.

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