Calories of favourite Malay, Chinese and Indian food (Malaysia and Singapore)

Here are calories compilations of favourite and popular Malay, Chinese and Indian food that are very much loved in Malaysia and Singapore. Please note the calories content are all estimates as it is dependent on food preparation and ingredients used.

Calories of Popular Malay food:

I’ve created a separate post where I include the graphic reference, calories and the Shorts video compilation. Please click on the image below to access to the page:

Calories of Popular Chinese food:

Food featured in the video:


  • Chicken Rice | 1 plate 320g 666kcal
  • Curry Noodles | depending on type of noodles used for 1 bowl about 410g: koay teow noddles= 520kcal, yellow mee noddles= 529kcal, vermicelli noodles (bihun)= 681kcal
  • Noodle soup | depending on type of noodles for one bowl about 300g- koay teow noodles= 168kcal, yellow mee noodles 204kcal
  • Rice porridge | Fish porridge (bubur ikan) 559g= 210 kcal, chicken porridge (bubur ayam) 177 kcal
  • Asam laksa | 1 bowl 432 kcal
  • Prawn Mee | 1 bowl 574g= 294kcal
  • Loh Mee | 1 bowl 540g 383 kcal
  • Fried Koey Teow | 1 plate 384g= 744kcal
  • Wan Tan Mee (dry and soup) | Soup 1 bowl 408g=300 kcal, Dry 1 plate 330g = 440 kcal
  • Fried Hokkien Mee | 1 plate 442 g= 522kcal
  • Loh Mai Kai | 195g= 420kcal
  • Loh Bak | 1 stick 100g about 383 kcal
  • Nyonya bak chang | 185g= 385kcal

Calories of Popular Indian food:

Food featured in the video:


  • Indian Banana Leaf rice | plain white rice (nasi putih) 2 scoops 152g= 200kcal, fried egg with sambal (sambal telur goreng) 1 pc 70g=130kcal, fried squid (sotong goreng) 1 pc 61g = 47kcal, Indian mutton/lamb curry with spice (kari kambing berempah) 1 bowl 197.1g= 265kcal
  • Chapati | 1pc 100g = 300kcal
  • Naan | 131g = 371kcal
  • Thosai (Dosai) | 1 pc 80g= 147kcal, if Rawa thosai 85g=205kcal
  • Dhal | green beak dhal 1/2 cup 80g= 76kcal, yellow dhal 1/2 cup 80g= 58kcal
  • Idli | 1pc 75g= 97kcal
  • Tandoori Chicken | 1pc 100g= 135kcal
  • Lamb Vandaloo with potato | 1 scoop 45g= 58kcal
  • Mutton Kofta Curry (meatball) | 308g= 630kcal
  • Aloo Gobi | Indian cauliflower potato stir fry 1 scoop 60g= 50kcal
  • Chana Masala | 20g= 22kcal
  • Vadai | 1 pc 60g made with yellow dhal bean= 195kcal, black bean/black lentil= 172kcal
  • Murukku | 1pc 20g= 120 kcal

Calories of Favourite Drinks/Beverage:

Featured drinks/dessert:

  • Teh Tarik | Pulled milk tea 1 cup 363g=229kcal
  • Ais kacang (mixed shaved ice) | 1 bowl 400g = 250kcal
  • Cendol | 1 bowl 385kcal, with durian= 410kcal
  • Bubur Cha Cha | 355g= 536kcal
  • Tau Fu Fah | 537g= 183kcal
  • Soya cincau | Soymilk with grass jelly 1 glass 250ml= 138kcal
  • Sirap Bandung | 1 cup 250ml = 125kcal
  • 3 Layered Tea | 1 glass 240ml= 192kcal
  • Nescafe | Nescafe “O” (with sugar only) 80kcal, with condensed milk = 100 kcal
  • Masala Tea | Teh Masala 1 glass 200ml= 80kcal
  • Hot milo | Milo panas 8oz 180ml= 136kcal, 12ox 260ml= 205kcal
  • Horlicks | For 200ml, “O” (with sugar only)= 80kcal, with condensed milk= 100kcal
  • Ginger tea | Teh halia 1 glass 200ml= 25kcal
  • Calamansi lime with sour plum | Limau asam boi (kat chai suen mui in Cantonese) 1 cup = 57kcal
  • Lassi | Indian yogurt drink 1 glass 250g = 114kcal
  • Coconut drink | Air kelapa 1 cup 250ml= 55kcal
  • Sugarcane juice | air tebu 1 cup 250ml= 184kcal
  • Corn juice | air jagung 1 cup 250ml= 256kcal
  • Soup sop Juice | Air durian Belanda 1 cup 414g= 311 kcal
  • Longan drink | Air mata kucing 1 serving 100ml = 60kcal
  • Watermelon Juice | Air tembikai 1 cup 434g= 96kcal
  • Lemongrass juice | Jus serai 1 cup 250ml= 40kcal
  • Chinese tea- 1 calorie

If making tea or coffee, the calories is dependant on the volume of sugar, creamer and milk we put inside. For example in a cup of coffee/tea of 200ml,

  • If we use 1 teaspoon of sugar plus 1 sachet of creamer, it is 45 kcal,
  • If we use 1 teaspoon of sugar plus quarter of a cup of low fat milk, it is 50kcal,
  • But if we use 2 tablespoons of condensed milk, the calories is 136kcal!

Usually when we are getting the drink outside, I would see that they use much more sugar and condensed and/or evaporated milk to achieve the delicious taste. Once, I bought hot milk tea (teh panas) from a restaurant and the guy added at least 2 tablespoons of sugar and at least 4 tablespoons of condensed milk, plus he top it with evaporated milk. One can only imagine the calorie that came alone from the tah pau drink alone.

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