Motor Neurone Disease (ALS/ Lou Gehrig)- Spiritual and kammic causes

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The most common motor neuron disease (MND) is known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig disease, named after a famous baseball player who was diagnosed with the illness. In Malaysia, the illness gained awareness after the legendary footballer, Dato’ Mokhtar Dahari (known as Supermokh) who sadly passed away from the illness in 1991 at the age of 37.

In this article, I would like to write about the possible spiritual causes of motor neuron disease and the approach would cover more of karmic causes. If you are from Asia countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, what I am about to say would not be something alien. But some concepts, like how the role of kamma play in this illness may be shocking for those who are not familiar with this.

I decided to write this article because currently, I have been reading the sharing and suffering of many ALS patients and their caregivers in private forums and discussion groups. It is an illness that has no cause nor cure. Many people who have been affected by it lead a relatively healthy and active lifestyle, like active in sports and physical activities and ate a well balanced diet. I was quite surprised that this illness is more common that thought, especially in the West.

However in Asia, it is still relatively not common with only a small percentage of the population that is being affected. It is then I saw a possibility of a karmic pattern and after watching some totem readings from the late Master Lu Jun Hong, the causes become clearer. Again, I leave it up to the reader’s discretion.

First, I would like to mention that till today, there is no fixed test that is able to diagnose and pinpoint ALS (unlike blood sugar to test diabetes). The diagnosis of ALS goes by elimination process, ie doctors will run tests to determine if it is illness such as Lyme, auto immune, cancers, etc. Once all the causes are ruled out, then the ALS diagnosis would come in. Hence, in the video case studies that you see, it would be those who gets afflicted with paralysis without a known cause.

In the cases related to paralysis, the kammic causes that are usually identified by him consist of one or more of the following causes:

1. Vindictive spirits who are seeking revenge

Mainly there are two types:

In Taoism ancient teachings, it is said that when a person who was wronged died with a lot of vengeance, they would not be able to take a good rebirth. When they are brought down to the underworld and judged by King of the Underworld, they would air their grievances. Unlike dealing with a judge in this world, in the underworld, they cannot lie nor deceive the judge. If their ‘case’ is justified, and they are found to be genuinely wronged, they would be given ‘special permission’ to come back up to seek revenge. Depending on the vulnerability and the energy field of the person, they can cause harm either through serious illness, inciting suicidal thoughts, drowning or sudden death through freak accidents, etc.

Because of the ‘special permission’, they can attach themselves to that person’s body and systematically weaken its energy fields and create imbalance and eventually cause the onset of the illness. Hence, guardian beings of that person and in holy places could not do anything to interfere because in the spiritual world, they do not interfere with a person’s kamma.

In culture where filial piety and respect for elders are strongly practiced, we would see less manifestation of illness such as these. But for those who sent away or discard their parents, or turn their spouse against their own parent, the person may suffer from illness such as these or other terminal illness. Below is a case where a woman is paralysed due to the spirit of a vindictive mother in law (you can read more on this article with other case studies):

Also, Master Lu had repeatedly warned people never to deceive or play with other people’s feelings. He had also given totem reading for some cases of spurned lovers who had died coming back for revenge. Either that, in the next life, the person would be reborn to be on the receiving end, ie suffering many heartbreaks and disappointments because they need to repay the karmic love debt.

I would also like to add that in the West, there seemed to be a close connection between ALS and veterans (ie ex soldiers who have served in the war). There is a possibility that a vengeful spirit(s) of people whom have been killed directly or indirectly are occupying their body. Usually the case involved unjustified killing such as killing of the innocent or civilians (unfortunately there are many innocent lives that get caught in the crossfire).

2. Deeds of killing

This usually involves killing large animals or huge quantities of small animals either in current or past lives. There was a case where a boy had dystonia because in previous life, he slaughtered many cows. He developed dystonia and is pain and constantly moaning. The video below is in Mandarin but you can read this article for the English translation.

I also saw a few videos of paralysis as the result of the person’s lifelong habit of fishing. Below is one of the video:

Master Lu is not the first spiritual master to be able to see countless spirits of animals wrecking havoc in the person’s system. I have heard other masters said it before.

3. Hexed/ Black magic (santau or sihir)

When a person has ALS, there is a progressive degeneration of muscular function. Again, medical science could not pinpoint the exact cause to this. There are theories like exposure to heavy metals, chemicals, genetics, diet etc and research has been geared towards each of this direction but till today, the disease is still considered as 100% fatal.

The symptom involves a person who is not able to move but with cognitive function still intact. The first 2 causes involved spirits that are the result from one’s own kamma. This involves something that is being cast by others through using of sorcery or dark arts. Black magic or sihir is also a form of spirit possession.

Not all people can be affected by black magic. If a person’s spiritual practice is strong, it may not affect that person but may bounce off to another family member who are ‘weakest’ in life force or spiritual energy.

There is a lady from India. She came from a below average background but worked very hard to be one of the top student in her college. She then come out to work in a renowed organization in India. She got married, and then gave birth to a son who had autism. It caused constant argument and stress with her husband and they got separated. Not long later she was diagnosed with bulbar ALS. She had absolutely no family history. Her brother also had fallen very sick. When everything is happening at the same time to her family, I suggested to her to ask her parents to check with their Hindu priest, someone who has spiritual knowledge. And to do it quietly (do not broadcast) because sometimes, hexing could be done by those who are close to us or a jealous of us. Hence, do not simply accept food or drinks from people that you do not know well or trust.

It it is a spiritual cause, then would require spiritual cure

For those who are affiliated with ALS or having loved one who is affiliated with this illness, you may want to consider checking with the spiritual healing methods that is available in your respective faiths. However, I would not advice going to mediums or those that go in a trance, because we cannot be certain of the exact being that they are channeling. Also, if there is a hierarchy and usually spirits that could cause terminal illness or completely paralyze someone either had a strong karmic justification to do so, or is a very powerful spirit.

Each faith has their own way of dealing with such situation. As I am a Buddhist, I would explain from Buddhist perspective. In Buddhism, there is a term ‘karmic creditors‘, ie beings whether alive or departed whom we owed karmic debts to. Even in cases of supposedly black magic, if a person would not get it if they did not create the kammic cause for it. Hence, the solution that some masters recommend is repentance (relating to beings we have wronged or killed), followed by spiritual practice and transference of merits.

If there is no repentance, there is no forgiveness especially related to vindictive spirits. The hatred is very deep and most of them who taken the trouble to wreck the illness actually wanted to torture and eventually take our lives. We have hurt, harmed or killed them and if we are not sorry for what we have done, they are not interested in the merits. Even though we are genuinely sorry, it takes sincerity and time for forgiveness to come in. Spiritual practice would then need to be done to provide sufficient merits.

The Guan Yin Citta (Xin Ling Fa Men) method has worked for many people around the world who have illnesses or suffering from difficulties that they also have branches in many countries including developed countries. It does not cost money (except for life liberation where cost is involved to buy like fishes to release them) and a lot of resources are available free online to help.

Note: I am not a member of Guan Yin Citta but have been doing my own practice for more than 20 years. From watching the videos of the late Master Lu, I find his methods helpful especially for those who still lead busy secular lives. For more information, you can check out the links below:


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