Sudden paralysis and pain caused by vengeful spirit of spurned woman who committed suicide

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I have came across a few cases where a person suffer an incurable illness, ie sudden paralysis, followed by a lot of pain. Through diagnosis of a spiritual master, it was found to be due to a vengeful spirit of a spurned lover who died by suicide coming back to take revenge.

In the olden days in Asia, a woman was expected to maintain her modesty until marriage, ie strictly no premarital sex. Up my parents generation, it was a huge stigma if a woman is no ‘pure’ (the in law’s family had a way to check during the night of the marriage). Times had changed but the perception was very different during those days. It would cause unbearable shame to the woman and her family where villagers will find out and the husband may also discard her.

There are cases of some girls, when young and innocent, got courted by a young man. He promised her the moon and the stars, swearing eternal love and loyalty. The girl, being trusting and in love slept with the man, breaking her innocence. The man then left to the city or elsewhere to start a new life and forget about the girl.

The girl suffered unbearable anguish and shame. Until finally, she took her own life. For those who committed suicide, they would be sent down to hell where a Yama King will perform the sentencing. Seeing the Yama King, she cries and told of her woes of being cheated and forsaken. She begged for a chance to be able to seek revenge for the injustice.

In some of these cases, Yama King would take pity and give permission for her to come back to earth to seek revenge. More of these spirits (which also include those who are brutally murdered) are allowed to come up during the 7th month of the Chinese Lunar calendar, ie Hungry Ghost month. Usually there are more accidents and sudden death happening around this time compared to other months. But sometimes it also happens during other time of the year, as the spirit is allowed up during the time when the person is going through a period of tribulation or low luck.

These vengeful spirits actually had permission and approval from the Under World. Hence, even guardian beings and local deities could not directly stop the vengeful spirit from seeking revenge. There are laws in the spiritual world, just like there are laws in the human world. If the guardian beings interfere, then they would be breaking the laws in the spirit world. Hence, these spirits can attach to that person even if the person enters holy places. But I know in some cases, the spirit, would wait outside and would not enter certain temples with that person. The spirit would wait, after all, the person cannot hide in the temple forever.

Please note that after they are allowed to take their revenge, the spirit would still be brought to trial and have to undergo the punishment related to her act of suicide. Often the punished meted would be more severe and longer but to the vengeful spirit, it is worth just to have her revenge.

Below is a case by the late Master Lu Jun Hong (盧台長) of Guan Yin Citta (Xin Ling Fa Men 心灵法门) . A lady suddenly found herself paralyzed and in a lot of pain. You can see in the video below, the lady is seated on a wheelchair in a slanted position. She could not lift her neck straight, her entire body is in great pain, she suffered unbearable headache and both her legs are experiencing necrosis. There was nothing that could be medically done for her as doctors could not find the cause of her illness.

Master Lu mentioned the reason she was in that state was because in her previous life, she was a man. As a man, ‘he’ had cheated a girl and forsaken her. The girl committed suicide and followed the ‘man’ to his current life where he reincarnated as a female. The spirit was going to torture this person for a few years before finally taking her life. Master Lu told the family to need to intensively chant and transfer merits to the spirit. He said the spirit did not really wish to accept the merits as her resentment is great and she wanted to continue to torture this person to death.

He said if nothing is being done, the lady would die within 4 years. You can see in the video he also start to openly reprimand and ask her if she knew what she did that caused her that problem. He also spoke in a firm voice, as a warning to all men not to cheat and forsake a woman. For if it caused her to take her own life, she can come for revenge. This open reprimand was done in public and the lady said she was sorry for her deed.

Many people criticized Master Lu as in instances like this, he seemed to humiliate people. But sometimes, bear in mind he did this with a purpose. At first, it is obvious that the spirit was not going to let go and accept any merits. She was intent to torture this person and then take her life away.

Imagine you are that wronged and vengeful spirit. When you see the Master openly reprimanding the person who did you wrong, and warning others do not ever do such thing, what would you feel? You would feel vindicated. Likely your deep anger would recede a little. Because in front of so many people, he pointed out that it is wrong to cheat a person. Slowly, if you can see the person really repenting, everyday repenting her actions, your anger may recede. Think of the time when you are very angry with someone- if the person comes each day to apologise sincerely, at first there is no effect.

But when they do it everyday, most likely your anger would slowly recede and you may realize the Chinese saying that ‘if continue to take revenge life after life, where would there ever be an end?”. After all, even if you successfully take your time to torture this person and later take them down for both of you to be trial once again by the King of the Underworld, so what? You end up committing more unwholesome kamma which would further require you to endure a longer punishment. Is it going to be worth it to go through suffering again? That person has either forgotten (have reincarnated to another lifetime) or is sincerely repentant. You know you cannot undo the past, there is nothing that can be done as we cannot go back to the past to undo it. Slowly, you would let go.

Do note if the person is not repentant, usually they would not be forgiven. Hence, even a lot of chanting may not be able to save that person. By openly reprimanding the person, it would make the spirit cool down a little. The rest, would depends on that person and the family to help her.

Second case: Spirit of forsaken woman in current life

The second case involved another reading in Taiwan. The video is in Mandarin, with no English translation. At 45:04 min, there is also a similar case. A girl wheeled her father on a wheelchair to inquire the nature of her father’s mysterious illness.

Master Lu said the reason the man was sick is because a vengeful spirit of a woman is occupying his body and sabotaging him. He described the facial features of the woman, where can see the face of the man breaking into a small smile as he described. He saying the man had cheated and discarded this woman when he was much younger. Now the woman has passed and is coming after him. At first, the man denied saying he has no recollection.

Then Master Lu said, okay in that case, fine. Just do the chanting and do what you can. He said if a person reach such an old age and still not repentant of his past actions, he cannot be helped. The daughter looked distressed and tried to signal to her dad (after all, the incident happened before his current marriage to her mother, hence it is unlikely she would blame him for it). Finally, the man admitted, he say, “I am sorry, I was wrong”. The daughter knew her dad really did it and knelt down to beg Master Lu to help her father.

You can see Master Lu raised his voice again, again I believe this is more for the benefit of a lesson to others as well to make the spirit cool down. He stressed as humans, we have to be accountable for our deeds. We cannot run away from responsibilities of the wrongdoings we have done in the past. He said the man had wronged a woman, and now she is dead, she has come after him. For that kind of cases, he said she can come and take his life anytime but first she wish to torture him first. The daughter confirmed her father is in pain every day.

Master Lu also said that the spirit had told him that if the man still refused to admit his wrongdoing, she would come and disturb him at night (usually, this kind of ‘disturbance’ involved either strangling or sleep paralysis symptoms). He asked them to chant until one day, the spirit showed up in the dream smiling, that means the chanting of “Little Houses” is nearly enough. If in the dream she looked angry, that means it is still not enough.

If that issue can be resolved, the man can still live to a very old age. Master Lu said to the man that he had done a lot of bad deeds in his younger years. He asked the man to sincerely repent and once he does that, his heart would feel lighter.  And he would be able to live the remainder years of his life feeling happy.

Third case: Master Posin- 13 point acupuncture

This story was told by Master Posin, another famous spiritual leader from Hong Kong. He said that when he was learning acupuncture under a renowned TCM professor in China, there was a case of a man who suddenly got paralysed. What happened was that he went to a creek, had a fall and landed on his buttocks. The next thing, he could not walk. When he visited the hospital, the TCM doctors did not know what was wrong with him because just a simple fall would not cause such huge damage.

The professor decided to do the 13 point acupuncture. It is sometimes administered when nothing else works. If there is a spirit occupying a person’s body, it would be in pain and get driven out. The professor was planning to place needles at the 13 specific points when halfway through, he heard a female voice whisper in his ear to ask him to keep out or else….

He stopped the acupuncture and asked the man if he had wronged a woman before. The man did not say anything. He later went back to his hometown, to the grave of the woman whom he had forsaken (and she committed suicide because of him) and ask for forgiveness. But eventually, they heard that he also had killed himself.

I came across this story last year, before I even knew about Guan Yin Citta or Master Lu. The story had left a deep impression in me and I did a video below about this story:

Don’t get the wrong idea that suicide is the answer to revenge

In the last century, there have been high profile cases of female singers and actresses from Taiwan and Hong Kong who committed suicide after they got dumped by their boyfriend or their husband cheated on them. The family member would then dress them in all red as it is believed it will enable them to come back to seek revenge.

Some of these cases had happened for many years and men who have caused the death of these celebrities are still alive and well. Why is that so?

We need to understand the difference between family shame/stigma during olden times….. and doing the deed out of pure spite, inability to let go and emotional blackmail.

In olden times, all young ladies are supposed to get married. If during the night of the wedding, they ‘failed’ the test of chastity, the woman and her family would be shamed. Everyone in the village they stay in will know. For the rest of their lives, they would not be able to lift their heads up high. So the avoid the same and the eventual discovery, she did the deed out of desperation and sadness. Usually she would not emotionally blackmail the man who left her but bore the sadness and grief in her heart.

Many people get dumped in their lives, get very sad but would move on and likely end up meeting and marrying someone better. If a young starlet got dumped, there is no shame as there would be many others who would take to take his place.

And also, times have change.

So suppose a woman spurned ask her boyfriend to come back or else she threatened to kill herself. The guy, thinking it is yet another threat, ignored her. She initiated the act and it was successful.

She was not doing it to protect her family. She was doing it out of spite, emotional blackmail and anger. In fact, the act of doing it cause unspeakable heartbreak to her parents and siblings to loved her dearly. It was a selfish act.

When she gets pulled to the underworld to get trial, do you think Yama King would agree to let her take revenge?

Likely not. Her death, sadly would be in vain and she would have to go through the punishment and consequence of her deed for a long long time.

Please, no point in taking one’s life

There is no point in taking our life. To the person who did us wrong, the karmic repercussions would come back to her with of without our intervention. I have seen the Master Lu’s readings where a number of people had suffered hard life, being cheated and dumped, and then got married and get bullied.

Master Lu had stated they have come to repay their karmic debt. For a long long time, he would continue to suffer heartbreaks, disappointments, being bullied by spouse and having to do a lot for people if he owe them love debts. There is no running away from their deed.

If we have been forsaken, then take it as a repayment of debt for we may have wronged them or others in previous life. We would get that consequence if we have not planted the seed in the past. Once the debt is repayed, it is  no more. Else, if we have not done anything wrong, that person who did that to use would have to face the consequence of their action in future.


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