Cases of the spirit of deceased mother-in-law takes revenge

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In this post, I would first share a real life incident that I have witnessed with my own eyes- the bad treatment and retribution towards the daughter-in-law. Even though I could not determine if there is a spiritual cause to it, some incidents that occur are odd. This is then followed by 2 cases of women with unexplained health ailments which the late Master Lu Hong Jun pointed out it was due to spirit disturbance from the disgruntled mother-in-law.

Regardless of how much a person may dislike her mother-in-law, please do not mistreat or turn her own son (the husband) against his own mother. In life, whatever we do to others, we need to ensure that we are prepared to be able to accept if the same thing is being done back to us.

In Chinese culture passed down for generations, it is said that if a person suffers wrongful death, when they are trial in the underworld, they can state their case and ask for permission to take revenge. If the King of the Under World felt the case is justified, the spirit will be given special permission to come back to earth to have her revenge, ie to cause serious illness, accidents or take the life of the person. When this spirit carries the special permission, no guardians, bomohs or mediums can help that person. Even if the spirit gets exorcise, it is often temporary and it would often return with a greater vengeance and hatred, going after the bomoh/medium/healer and inflicting even more harm to the person she is avenging for.

First, I will share a true story which happened in my neighborhood, followed by 2 paranormal stories. This is even if you do not believe in vengeful spirits of mother-in-laws, you can first read the story below.

Real story- how a poor old lady was bullied and made a slave by her daughter-in-law

I live long enough to witness the injustice done and the bad effects that come back to the daughter-in-law in her now old age. Let’s call this woman Alice. Alice was from a small town and came to Kuala Lumpur to work. She rented a room where a bachelor (let’s call him John) live with his mother. John was quite an obedient son to his mother up to that point.

Not long later, Alice and John got romantically involved. John’s mother was a Taoist but after John got married to Alice, she got all the altars and worship areas removed. John followed his wife’s faith but his mother, no doubt was no longer allowed to do her prayers, never switched faith.

Alice gave birth to 2 children and got the mother-in-law to look after her two children when the couple goes to work. The mother-in-law was expected to clean the entire house and cook for the entire family. She also had to babysit the two children, a girl and a boy. The boy was a little hyperactive and require much more energy to look after.

The lady got older and weaker. Yet there was no relief or help given to her. We used to see her having to run after the boy to feed him meals as the boy was very hyperactive. And then when Alice got back to work, if the house was not clean enough or certain things were not being done, we used to hear Alice’s voice scolding the poor old woman- it was so loud that the neighbors all could hear it. The poor old lady had came to vent to my mom on the suffering she went through and how she was badly treated by Alice and it was so heartbreaking that her son, John, did nothing.

When the children were old enough to look after themselves, this old lady had a fall and could no longer walk or do work in the house. Alice had the mother-in-law ‘shipped’ to one of John’s sisters and from there, we never saw the old lady again.

Time pass, and the daughter grew up and got married. She treated the father like a servant too. She does not drive and for years, the father would send and pick her from the train station back home. She gave birth to a son. The boy was really hyperactive. When he was a baby, he would cry and scream all day, worst at night.

Then as he got a little older, he developed the interest to play Chinese drums. You know, the kind of Lion Dance drums. He played almost the entire day but at night it could go on for hours. I had a neighbor who stayed further from my house and could not tolerate the drum sounds at night (they are hawkers and had to get up early to run their stall and this ‘drummer’ boy was keeping them up at night) and got into a fight with the neighbor. But nothing could be done. The boy could not be controlled (if you see some of the cases by Master Lu, you would see often these kind of behaviour are due to spiritual disturbance. Till today, doctors cannot cure and the only way is to drug these children with medication).

The daughter’s attitude is similar with Alice. Basically she expected her parents to care for her child when it was obvious her child need to attend special school. The boy is literally parked with the grandparents while the daughter goes back home with her husband at night (her father would pick her up from the train station and later her husband would pick her up but often the child is left with the grandparents as he gets real hyperactive at night).

Alice’s son, who is now grown up also got married. His wife gave birth to a son and they also often park the son with Alice and John to look after.

Alice and John are now old, with John in his 70s. They are tired and no longer as energetic as before. Due to the hyperactive grandchild, both got little peace and sleep each day. In the last few years, I could see Alice started to behave in a very queer manner, a bit like a crazy woman- the way she talked and smiled became strange. John was also getting more grumpy and was not as tolerant of his wife as before.

Both their grown children are treating them the way how Alice treated her mother-in-law. After all, the children are conditioned to believe that old ladies serve a purpose to help to clean and look after children right? It was what they witnessed from young. The couple also had to give a lot of money to their son. Once, one of them got real sick and the daughter took back her son and did not come to visit or cared for the parents.

I cannot imagine once the parents got old and of no use to them, what would happen to the parents.

Following are two stories of two ladies who suffered unexplained illness. Both these ladies were reprimanded by Master Lu for being mean to their mother-in-laws.

Case- sudden paralysis and tumor growth

The woman above had paralysis and tumor growth. She also lived in severe pain.  Master Lu said there is a old lady’s spirit that occupies the body of this woman. He described the old lady’s feature which the son said fit the description of his mother. Master Lu then openly reprimanded the woman. Basically this woman had bullied her husband and controlled the man. The old lady was very upset with the son but could do nothing so she hated this woman.

He said in the woman is not a bad person but when she gets angry, very hateful speech can come out from her mouth. He said some words should never be spoken or expressed. She had caused a rift between her husband and his mother. When the old lady got angry with her, the son protected her. The old woman was helpless and passed with hatred in her heart and she had came after the daughter-in-law for revenge.

Again, do note that Master Lu raised his voice and reprimanded the woman openly. This, I believe is to make the spirit feel a little better and vindicated.  If it is not true, no way the woman who would admitted and apologised openly. Master Lu said he had asked the spirit if she could forgive his woman. Initially there was no reply.

But after the open reprimand, and the lady did apologise, the spirit was kind enough to warn that the woman would have a tribulation, ie a danger time in her life the following year. Master Lu told the lady if by then she could not make the spirit forgive her, she would be ‘taken away’. She (the spirit) also told Master Lu that she often go to the kitchen of their house. Master Lu asked if they heard strange sounds in the kitchen and the man said yes.

Once she did it and have open repentance, plus doing Buddhist chants and transferring merits to her mother-in-law, with time, the old lady would forgive her and leave once the merits are sufficient.

Finally, the husband requested if Master Lu can help a little with her pain. Master Lu closed his eyes for a while and said he had helped to relief a little the pain from her 3rd to 8th segment. The husband confirmed that MRI scans show the problem occurred is between her 3rd to 8th segment. He told her in future, she would be able to stand up if she performed her recitations and the spirit leaves.

Many illness have no cause. For cases of sudden paralysis, usually extensive tests would be performed and doctors would not be able to find out what is wrong. Even if neurological degeneration or ALS related symptoms are found, there is no cure or available treatment. Medicine can only work slow the inevitable.

There was another case where a woman was also paralyzed, and Master Lu found out that it was due to the spirit of her vengeful mother-in-law that occupies her body and wrecking havoc. He also reprimanded the lady. But in that case, the lady instigated and caused a rift between her husband and his own mother. The mother was not aware it was caused by the daughter-in-law but after she die and she became a spirit, she knew. Because once in spirit form, they would develop psychic sense and know the past, ie the cause of why her son was distant to her. She was angry and went to complain to the King of the Underworld and the case was viewed as justified, hence the spirit was allowed to come back up to the human world to seek revenge.

Case 2: Woman depressed as spirit of mother-in-law occupies her body

The video below is in Mandarin, with Bahasa Indonesia translation. This lady suffered from depression for long time. Master Lu described how the spirit looked like which fits the description of the lady’s departed mother-in-law.

He said when she first got married with her husband, she did not treat her mother-in-law well and the old woman kept a grudge in her heart. He asked her to chant some Buddhist chants, to sincerely repent and slowly the spirit would let her go.

The lady also inquired about her dad who had passed away the year before. Master Lu could describe the physical appearance of her father, like height and facial features. Master Lu mentioned he was reborn in the hell realm but with the freedom. He asked her to do the Little House chant in order help her father get reborn in the heaven realm.

Lessons from these stories:

From these stories, we learn that it is best to never mess with the mother-in-law. No matter what, we have to respect that the mother-in-law brought up one’s husband. They are older and our senior hence we should really learn to hold our tongue. Don’t separate and create a rift between him and his mother, causing the old lady to die from a broken heart. We need to be accountable for our actions on this earth and live with a clear conscience. Sometimes, if they are really difficult and unreasonable, but we did not do anything bad, if ever they pass and go down to complain, it would not be deemed as valid such every single complaint would get investigated. If the complaints are justified, then we would have to live with the consequence of our actions during our old age…..

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