Protection against black magic, witchcraft and spirit possession

Black magic is essentially a form of spirit possession except it is more targeted, ie a spirit is invoked to possess a particular person and perform certain tasks. However, people who are spiritually strong, and/or kind hearted generally do not get affected by black magic that easily as there would be strong light in their aura and guardian beings protecting them.

For those who suspected they are victims of black magic or sihir, their elders can help as each culture have their own spiritual healers who can attempt to help. For example, the Muslim have the Uztaz, Taoist have mediums or tangki, Buddhists have the monastics, Catholics seek out their Priests, etc. While we can leave this to the ‘professionals’, we also need to learn to protect ourselves from reoccurrence or susceptibility to similar ‘encounters’ in future.

There are ways we can protect ourselves or lessen the effect:

1. Practice based on the teachings of one’s religion.

For example, a Muslim to pray 5 times a day and sincerely ask for protection and guidance from their God. Every religion have their guardian protectors who will protect those who are kind and sincere.

2. Avoid habits that can cause one to lose control of one’s consciousness like getting drunk or taking drugs.

This is because possession and spirit attachment happens very easily when one’s body is ‘vacated’ due to being drunk or high on drugs. That is why people who have depression, if they take drugs or drink, their problem would get worse and intensified. Because when they lose that self awareness, their entire aura is weak and totally open for any spirits to come and attach themselves to his body.  These beings thrive on his negative feelings and sucking up his life force energy. Eventually the sadness or depression would lead to feelings of wishing to commit suicide.

This is similar to when the owner leaves his house vacant, with doors and windows all open, all sorts of crooks can get in.

3. Avoid extreme emotions like anger, sadness, ruminating, and thinking ill of people.

Do you remember times when you have been extremely angry? Some people, when they are angry, feels as if they are possessed – they start losing all logic and reasoning, say words that are so poisonous and hurtful, and may even start to get physical or breaking things. They sometimes looked like someone who just got possessed.

A person who like to think round and round or daydream would cause the mind to move outwards and not maintain any awareness or mindfulness. And someone going through feelings of extreme sadness are immense in the emotion and is not able to focus on anything else. And if they keep dwelling on these feelings, eventually they would start to hear voices trying to persuade them to kill themselves.

These kind of emotions and mind moving outwards (through excessive thinking) provides a kind of pathway to allow easy entry. Maintaining self awareness will help. Constant practice and recitation of holy verses or mantras would help to latch one’s attention inward.

4. Avoid any form of killing including fishing, hunting, going to eat fresh seafood where the animal is killed died from our instructions.

This will weaken the person’s life force and spiritual guardians cannot and would not get near to someone who done a lot of killing due to dark and unwholesome energies emitted from such individuals. Imagine if you are spiritual protector, your higher vibration would not enable you to go near a butcher whose hands caused the death and cries of many animals.

People who done a lot of killing have a lot of the vengeful spirits of beings they have killed following them. This is often commented by spiritual masters who have the ability to see the unseen.  Usually at their old age, when their life force and ‘yang’ energy recedes, they would suffer illness, usually accompanied by a lot of pain or losing mental function or having constant hallucinations and nightmares.

What to do if one feel strange presence or that one would get ‘attacked’

When feeling weird like going to get disturbed, sensing presence  or see shadows, instead of getting angry or afraid, let compassion arise and recite verses that help them to lessen their suffering. Most spirits do not want to harm people but they are under control of the bomoh or sorcerer via a powerful spell. If one can turn oneself to be truly compassionate, the spirits will turn back as they know harming that person will cause serious repercussions (spiritual law which is above any spells).

Usually when the bomoh or sorcerer get old and weak, all these spirits that he had controlled to do things against their will would attack him to seek revenge. Therefore, people who go into dark arts and practices and their descendants would not have a good ending.

Sometimes, things happen for a reason. Some people have spiritual affinity but deny it. In their life, they would then encounter such supernatural events. And somehow, no matter how many mediums and bomohs they see, it seemed that they could not get healed. Ie, the problem would go off for a while and then come back, often a vengeance.

In the end, desperate and having no other choice, they turn towards themselves and reawaken the dormant spiritual energies they have within them.

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