A story of love black magic (sihir pengasih)

Love magic (sihir kasih) is a form of black magic that is performed to make someone fall in love with the person. I know of a true story of someone who got cast with a love spell and it took her 10 years before the issue could be completely resolved.

However, the ending of this story is a little unusual and different from what you would usually hear. The ending is quite inspiring, hence many details of the story had stuck with me for years. I feel it is worth sharing because as with most supernatural or paranormal stories that I share, they are not meant to scare but contains lessons that we can learn from.

This incident happened to a friend I met during university. Prior to entering university, this girl, Lisa (not her real name) met a guy while working on a holiday job. However,  Lisa’s parents opposed the relationship as the guy was from another race and faith. His race or faith did not bother Lisa but what held Lisa back was his playboy attitude. Lisa knew she had to give up a lot of things if she had to be with him but did not think the guy would be faithful and loyal enough. Hence she decided not to go ahead.

When she got offer from the university, she resigned and left for another state to study.

Not long after she resigned, her problems started. She started feeling sad and depressed and missing the guy very much. She felt she had to go to him. She told me the feeling is very strong and she always cried and it took a lot of willpower to control herself. Towards dusk after 7pm, these feelings will start to intensify.

One day, she felt she could not take it anymore and was going to go to him regardless of what. But due to her strong love for her family, she decided to tell her parents out of courtesy. She said when she told her mother, she had expected her mother to explode in anger. Instead, her mother turned to her calmly and said, ‘girl, you have gotten gong tao (black magic) placed on you. It is not love.’.

She was taken to a medium who confirmed black magic was placed. Some rituals were done and she was given some yellow talisman to burn and drink.

The problem went off for a while but came back shortly again. By then, she was in university in another state where I got to know her.

She was always sad and quite pessimistic. However I guess as young people, we have a lot of ‘yang’ energy and we were not bothered by her negativity because deep down we know she is good and caring person. But she had bad episodes and would cry.

Another friend, who was a local took her to a Taiost medium. They were sitting inside the hall waiting for the medium. The moment the medium saw my friend, he took her out, took out a whip. He did not whip her physically of course but did a brushing motion (not touching her) through her back as if extracting something. Then the medium seemed to be whipping at something and throwing into the fire. She was given a talisman and was told to hang on the window in her room.

Lisa felt better for a while. But then, later symptoms seemed to return, and actually gotten worse. This made Lisa started to get suicidal as she always felt the whispering she had to go to him, but something deep within her knew it was wrong.

As friends, we did not know what else to do except to offer her moral support, try to arrange for outings and we joke and be light hearted.

Lisa herself tried to help herself too. She went to Buddhist temples and prayed sincerely for help. She did try to recite Buddhist mantras but each time she did so, especially at night, she felt very fearful and a chill running down her spine.

Note: When chanting any religious holy texts, if it is done with insufficient faith and focus, the spirit will react and invoke fear to get the person to stop doing it. It is not because the holy chants do not work but it is due to the state of mind of the person who already  weakened.

She was at her wits end. She said she continue praying to Buddha desperately at Buddhist temple for help. Eventually, tthrough a series of coincidence, she ended up taking up a Vipassana (insight) meditation by the Buddhist society in the university. Each Sunday morning, she went consistently for the classes as she felt better after taking the practice up. Often the classes were lead by meditation monks.

She said that one morning during the class about 6 months into the practice, she felt a light in her chest area and there seemed an ugly looking being that retreated away from the light.

And then, just like something that had been switched off, her feelings for the guy completely disappared. As if she had never had felt any love or affection for him.

However, in its place, she started developing back pain problems. I did read somewhere when the love magic no longer works, but the being is still there, the person would get a lot of pain.

10 years later after she was first cast the spell, at the age of 29, by chance she came across another medium. He saw her, hit her back twice and told her he had ‘killed it’. Even though Lisa did not tell the medium what happened, the medium was able to tell that the spell was placed by a man 10 years ago whom Lisa had known and entered through her via food. Lisa recalled that she used to ask the guy to help tah pau drinks for her. And last time, when  he stroked Lisa’s hair, she rememberee once he had pulled out one strand. That was the price she paid for trusting the man, who was then fresh grad that was educated in UK. She never thought he was capable of resorting to such dark practices.

The medium also said that when the gong tao was casted, it was done in such a way that the spirit is permanently ‘locked’ in her body. It could not leave even if it wanted to. That explains why all previous visits to mediums failed to work and with each visit, things seemed to get worse as the spirit returned with a vengence as it had been hurt. So the only way was to ‘kill it’.

Even though the saga lasted for 10 years, Lisa was able to overcome the love influence portion by the third year through meditation that caused her to increase her awareness and mindfulness. That was the start of Lisa’a spiritual practice.

Over the years, I still kept in touch with Lisa. At first, she had a lot of resentment for the guy for harming her that way. But later, she said she no longer have any resentment for him. Instead, strange as it sounds, she actually felt gratitude.

Why? Because Lisa told me there is no way she would ever go into spiritual practice. But she ended up doing the practice initially out of desperation because nothing else had worked. She felt it was fate and her kamma, and that was destined to have happened. Through her own spiritual practice, she had gotten a lot of peace of mind and it helped her to face the challenges in her life. Meaning, this is one person that did not choose to be a victim. But something positive did come out from such a terrible experience.

There is just one thing I wish to add. Usually if we visit mediums, they may say such is the result of black magic. But usually when we meet highly accomplished spiritual teachers, they would say it is not gong tao or black magic.

Reason being is gong tao is actually a spirit sent by a bomoh or sorcerer practicing dark arts. It is a form of spirit possession and spirits cannot just possess anyone. They could only affect someone with weak aura due to substance abuse, having a lot of negative moods like anger, anxiety and low self confidence. If a person is of good heart, spiritual and is mindful, they would not be affected by gong tao or black magic.

Regardless of what religion the person is, if the person has genuine goodwill in their hearts and observe the teachings of their religion, they would have spiritual protection and it is not easy for them to be influenced by dark energies.

I know some people when they like someone and felt their love being spurned may be tempted to cast black magic to get the love they wanted. But please bear in mind, if you walk that path, then it means you are on the path of darkness. You would never ever be able to connect with higher energies of your Creator or higher protective beings. You yourself close the door and you would be fearful at the time of death.

Also, gong tao (black magic) affects people who are spiritually weak or have negative emotions, anxiety or low self confidence. Is that the kind of person you want to descend into darkness for?

Even if you get the person you want, due to the low vibration of the route you have chosen, your life and that person would be laden by hardships and misfortune. Because of the spirit possessing that person, he or she would not be able to have spiritual protection, and the spirit would consume their life force energy. In the end, the victim may succumb to illness, either chronic or fatal, and may have a lot of mood swings and expression of negative emotions.

The children that you may not have the life and blessing that you so wish they have. Eventually if you are not meant to be with that person, you would lose him or her.

Or, they may meet someone who identified they have been a victim of black magic and take them to healed. Usually, if the person you are casting black magic on ever ‘wake up’ or find out, you would lose the person or worse, have ‘revenge magic’ placed back on you instead.

In the end, you have nothing to gain and all to lose. In life, we do not always get what we want. Heartache would always heal with time. It is not worth to so called sell your soul to darkness because in the end, you would lose and your life would be laden by hardship. Is it worth it?

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