Where to buy Raya items like decos, curtains, baking supplies, etc

Puasa would be starting soon and Raya celebrants would be busy preparing for the Hari Raya celebrations. This year would be a much quieter celebration. Nevertheless preparations still need to go on. Sales would be happening and everyone would be on sale so Malaysians from all walks of life would be able to take advantage on the sales.

Here are some recommended places to shop during this Raya.


Mydin Raya clothings- baju kurung and Baju melayu

I visited Mydin when I needed to get new curtains for my home and was amazed at their selection. The pricing is also quite reasonable. That time was before Raya hence raya decorations was on sale. Selection of clothings such as baju Melayu and baju kurung for all age groups are available. and clothings were being on sale. The Mydin USJ also have a section where they sell hantaran kahwin, souveniors and gifts sold at wholesale prices.

2. Nagoya (for textile)

Nagoya Testil

Both Kamdar and Nagoya are established names in textile. My mom used to be a huge fan of Nagoya back on the days where she had interest in sewing. She went to Nagoya frequently to buy textile and custom measured and made me very comfortable skirts for me to wear to work. And she would sew our pajamas from comfortable cotton cloth that cost less than RM5 per meter. A friend of my mom who tailor made all her clothes also got her cloth from Nagoya and send it to her tailor to sew her blouses.

If you love sewing, then you would love to visit Nagoya and get almost any type of cloth that you wish to make beautiful traditional clothings like baju kurung, formal wear and daily wear. They also sell textile for other use such as for making curtains complete with tassels.

Other alternative is Kamdar. Both Nagoya and Kamdar have their own online store in Shopee. Kamdar has much more items listed compared to Nagoya. For custom made, ie if you are buying cloth, then Nagoya and Kamdar would have a better selection. For ready made curtains, then Mydin would be a better choice.
Important: Please measure the dimensions of your frames carefully to ensure you get the right measurement for your home.

3. Baking supplies

Below are 2 stores that specializes in baking supplies that I have visited- Bake with Yen and House of Ingredients (HOI). Both are comprehensive and have literally everything you need under one roof. Please remember to bring along the recipe and the quantity of items you need when doing your purchase.

a. House of Ingredients (HOI)

House of Ingredients HOI Bandar Sri Damansara, Petaling Jaya

The main office is located in Bandar Sri Damansara. House of Ingredients is really a one stop center for getting baking supplies from the ingredients, baking equipments to packaging.

The location is within factory units. You need to have your own transport to be able to access to the place.

b. Bake with Yen

Bake with Yen is a long time baking supplier. They have a few branches located within Klang Valley.

My mom used to be an avid baker and she would frequently request me to bring her to Bake with Yen to purchase ingredients for her baking. She also love to get their unflavoured Koniyaku jelly as it is a very easy to make and delicous dessert. It makes a welcoming dessert to bring to an open house.


If you stay out of Klang Valley, the next option is to obtain your supplies from hypermarkets like Giant, Tesco, Makro and AEON Big. Hypermarkets carry limited supplies and options compared to speciality baking stores but it provides sufficient ingredients for basic baking.

Hope the above information helps you to make your purchase either from the stores or online.

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