Haunted office buildings in PJ and KL

You may be surprised that office buildings in the city may have their own scary stories. These stories are usually known internally amongst some employees. But usually you would get to know more if you are close to the security guards or long time janitors.

When I tell paranormal incidents, it is not with the intention to scare people senseless but to learn something from it. There are 2 companies whom I am familiar with the happenings, hence I would tell their stories here. Names of the companies and buildings would not be revealed, since both these buildings are still being occupied.

Both of these are large corporations but taken very different approaches in terms of any custom beliefs. Let’s call them company A and B.

Company A- Westernized

In the first company A, the management is totally Westernised. So no rituals was ever done, or no right dates were picked for important events and, feng shui was never involved whenever any renovations were being done.

Company A begin operations at a multi story building in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The building was known to be haunted. And it is kinda funny, the floors were always dark and gloomy no matter how much lighting were being used.

The highest level, where HR department resides, was the worst. There was so many scary experiences including sightings of a female spirit dressed in white sitting by the water tank.

Hence, employees there would leave the office before the sunset as almost anyone who wanted to work late would encounter some scary sightings.

Most floors are deserted after office hours or on weekends. But there is a floor where there are staff operating 24 hours a day.  The area between the shift workforce and office hours workforce was separated with a glass partition. There had been reports of seniors working at night seeing a female figure flow past along the glass partition. When it comes to graveyard shift, they avoided as much as possible to use the washroom as they were terrified.

Because a lot of main hauntings happened at the top floor near HR and management offices, I heard bomohs and mediums had been called in to perform rituals. These were likely done on the initiative of the staff since these incidents are too hard to be ignored and the worst haunted floor was there the Management office resides.

Nothing seemed to work. People just packed up and leave before the sun sets.

Eventually the company acquired a much large building in order to be able to house all the departments and to cater for future expansion. The way they operated was that they get an estimated date of when the new building would be ready in terms of renovations and system settings. Once ready, the departments moved in systematically. No auspicious date were ever picked.

The building was actually a second hand building but it is a very tall building right in the heart of city. Guards were at lobby 24 hours every day.

Once, there was a young guy who came to work as a guard, as he wanted to save enough money to go college. This guy was hardworking, friendly, helpful and well liked by us all.

One night he was working in night shift and doing his usual rounds on the floors. After he completed, he pressed the lift of the elevator to get back down on the lobby. The lift door opened and he stepped in without looking.

Unfortunately, there was no elevator behind the door!

Sadly this young man feel to his death.

In this building, it was said the higher floors had more ‘incidents’. Once a staff who usually worked on weekdays needed to go back to the office to work on Saturdays to complete some backlog. She mentioned the floor was deserted without a single person as she started working, from morning till evening. She said was kinda spooky as she would hear sounds as if someone was typing on a keyboard at the workstation some distance away. And once, she felt as if someone was standing behind her watching her work but there was really no one in the entire floor.

Company B- Top Management believe in feng shui, auspicious dates, etc

This company’s chairman is a someone who fully believe in feng shui and Taoist rituals. It had a main building situated at the heart of the KL city and a few office buildings offsite housing some departments (due to insufficient space in the main building).

Elaborate efforts were made to merge contemporary design with good feng shui. Let’s talk about one of the offsite building. Now this building was not a second hand building. It was cleared from a secondary jungle land and build from the ground up. Usually people would assume that a new building should be free of such stuff, at least in the beginning.

But no, this building has its own unexplained stories. Even though it was no way as bad as Company A’s old building. There were some sightings at the parking lot, CCTV and occasionally by staff working in shifts. But nothing life threatening or sinister.  A few staff who were close to the guards only got to find out of sightings in CCTV at staircases and lifts at night or weekends.

Each Chinese New Year, there would be Lion Dance. And during Hungry Ghost festivals there would be someone burning paper money and food offerings. Even though the company is a large company, they still arranged someone to do this but just inconspicuously at night where the trace is fully cleaned up the next day.

All important system migrations and significant events were all consulted and dates of implementation were not picked on a whim or convenience.

There is a Malay lady who unfortunately was able to see these things or known as makhluk halus. She told me one night, she dozed off for a short while during her breaktime. She dreamt she moved downstairs and saw a tall huge figure in white. It is known as the local deity or Datuk Kong.

Above are shrines that you sometimes see in homes and outside offices of Chinese. Some shrines are more elaborate. But the purpose is to serve as an acknowledgement of the local being or deity that is believed to be guarding or overseeing the area.

Likely because acknowledgement, respect and offerings were given to the local deity (there is a small little deity shrine actually build in the office compound), I was told there had not been any untoward incidents happening in the office building. Yes, I do believe most buildings have spirits haunting it. If you know of friends who had been ‘cursed’ with the ability to see, they would tell you that spirits and ghosts are all over the place…. at the roadside, buildings, alleys, etc both day and night…. but more during night.

However, in olden Chinese business practice, there would be respect and offerings done as a courtesy and acknowledgement for a guardian being that is there before us. This guardian being or Datuk Kong would in turn look after the place and ensure spirits and so on tow the line.

It has been a known practice in Hong Kong that an auspicious date would be set to do a huge Taoist prayer to the heavens and guardian beings before filming begins. All the actor and actresses, regardless of their faith would be asked to hold the jossticks as a sign of respect. Usually, once these ceremonies are performed, we would not hear of untoward incidents in film set such as burning, actors injured and died /critical condition, spirit possessions (especially when filming horror movies).

It is not to say we are worshiping ghosts or local spirits. It is like we enter to a new place, we would acknowledge the presence of the head of family or an elder who is native to the place or oversees it. Just that in this context the being is unseen. It is a good habit to send love and kindness wherever we go and ask for forgiveness if we have done or think anything wrong. Then we could potentially save ourselves a lot of trouble and hopefully no harm would come to us.

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