50 Popular Food Sold in Ramadhan Bazaars

Muslims in Malaysia would begin their fasting (ibadah berpuasa) on 13 April 2021 this year. With the announcement of reopening of Ramadan bazaars, it is a time for us to rejoice.

There would be various places designated for Ramadan bazaars around the country. In residential areas, typically some roads would be closed to make way for temporary stalls to be set up.

The stalls usually start operating about 4pm (sometimes earlier). By about 6.30pm, the sellers would start to wrap up in preparations of breaking fast (buka puasa). Generally if you go about 7pm, most of the food would be finished and some stalls are even closed.

Selection of food, drinks and desserts:

Please view the YouTube video that I have put together showing the common food sold in Ramadhan bazaars. In the title I have mentioned 50 but in the actual video that are 52 different types of food.  These food are available all year round in Malaysia in restaurants, markets and food courts.

Hopefully this would serve as a helpful guide especially for tourists who wishes to discover the type of food we have available.

These are the glorious food that I remember seeing and savoring when visiting these bazaars since I was a young girl:

Note: While most of these food are traditional Malay food, some of the food are a hybrid or adapted from other cultures such as Javanese, Thai, Chinese and Indian.

Change in opening hours for restaurant serving halal food

During fasting month, Muslim restaurants would be closed during the day. The restaurant would open around the time to break fast and continue till the wee hours of the morning like 2am or 4am. However situation has changed a lot due to covid where opening times are restricted.

I remember when I was studying in university, we have such a wonderful time because the hostel cafeterias would be opened in the evening till about 2am or 3am. We would order our supper with teh tarik and hang around with friends chatting away till way past midnite. It is the only time in the year where we can hang out within the campus way last midnite without needing to go to a restaurant outside. Good times…

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