Where to find Craft Classes in Petaling Jaya and KL- unleash your creativity

If you are looking for craft classes or activities for your kids or yourself, you can check out Play! by Craft Space where there are in house craft activities. The concept store is located in Tropicana Gardens Mall in Persiaran Surian Petaling Jaya. What’s interesting is that there are craft, needlework and cooking classes available. Different age group would do different activities. The slots for classes are also not fixed per student as the owners believe that creativity cannot be constrained.

Unleashing your creativity through craft activities

It is never too young or too old to learn crafts or indulge in activities that unleashes your creativity. When I was young, we were either sent for ballet, piano, swimming or martial arts class. But those activities may not be every kid’s cup of chocolate/ horlicks/ milo, hee hee. I really wish that there were craft classes widely available then, not the the assignments type taught in school where we are graded based on the teacher’s perspective of our work.

To a kid who feels stressed with studies, or low in self confidence, there is therapeutic benefits to be able to create something with their hands through gentle guidance and motivation from instructors…..and not being judged regardless of how the end product is like. Hopefully these type of activities can pry the kids from being too attached or addicted to their mobile device.

Above: Teenagers learning how to cook. Cooking is a life skill that will enable us to cook for ourselves when the need arise. Trust me, most of us would need this skill.

Similarly, as an adult who are feeling stuck, in crossroads of not knowing what to do or having a stressed work/life, we can also release our stress and tension and just allow mind and hands to work to create something unique.

Above: An offsite activity on flower arrangement in klia2.

How exploring my creativity helped me pull through school, graduate and got me a customised dream job

This is something really close to my heart. When I was in secondary school, I never considered myself creative as I was hopeless in art. However when my STPM (pre university) exams loomed near, the stress was overwhelming and I battled with constant self doubt that I would even pass the exams. I have ADHD symptoms, and I had problems comprehending a lot of concepts since I also happened to be in the science stream.

My best friend had some beautiful beaded hair clips and I was fascinated by them. I took a minibus downtown on my own and bought myself some beads from Macy. Then I borrowed my friend’s hairclips and learned to replicate the designs. Even though exams were looming, I badly needed to escape for just short periods of time into my own world to work with my hands to create something, at least something. I never knew how to sew, but I learned to sew the beads to the metal barrettes so that they could stick on longer. Later I experimented with satin ribbons.

The colours, the unlimited designs not only helped me to unwind, relax, but it also unleash a kind of inner creative energy that I never knew existed. From there, I gain renewed rigor and was able to use my imagination and visualization to understand and remember complicated formulas and principles of physics, chemistry, biology and add maths. When I got accepted into university, I brought along my craft kit with me and worked with my hands at times of stress.

When I came out to work, the internet was starting to get popular. I saw how crafters created websites of their own to showcase their creations. Inspired, I learned to create one of my own and become interested in websites.  I asked for a transfer from my boss to their website team where I spend hours replying technical emails. Eventually I was given the opportunity to manage an intranet (internal information portal). As I was also blogging in my personal life, the skill came in handy when I begin to handle communication. My boss eventually custom made a job that enables me to basically do what I love. I know, you may find this kind of job boring but to me, it was what I really love.

To me, it all begin when I allow myself to explore my creativity through crafts which resulted in me having a customised career and doing what I love.

It is not only me, but friends of mine who are willing to explore the creative side of them through crafts, drawing, cooking are happier, less stressed up and feel more balanced/wholesome. I strongly encourage that you consider exploring your creative side- who knows, it may bring your life and career to new heights that you have never dreamed off.

If you are staying in Klang Valley (KL, PJ, Shah Alam and surrounding areas), head on to Play! for some fun activities to unleash your creativity. Also do check out their Facebook page as the crew may be organizing fun craft activities at other venues. For example during the previous Mooncake Festival, there is a creative twist of Mooncake Bar Soap classes in Gamuda Walk:

Contact information:

Play!by Craft Space
Address : Lot C4, PLAY! by Craft Space,
Village Grocer Market Hall,
Concourse Floor, Tropicana Gardens Mall,
No 2A, Persiaran Surian, Tropicana Indah,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact : +6018 668 0806
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/craftspacemy/

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