The Rise of Halal Homemade Mooncakes -some available all year round

Mooncake Festival is celebrated by the Chinese community. It is customary for the younger generation to buy and distribute mooncakes to elders and relatives about few weeks prior to the actual date (which falls on the 8th month and 15th day of the Chinese lunar calendar each year). On that day itself, some families would gather together and celebrate while children would be enjoying themselves playing with tanglung and savoring the moocakes as well as other Chinese delicacies.

However with each passing year, the price of mooncake keep soaring upwards until a single piece of mixed nut mooncake cost more than RM20. Many of my non Chinese friends and colleagues love mooncakes too but are concerned if the mooncakes are halal.

The popular brands have now come up with halal mooncakes. Still, the price is too expensive and beyond the affordability of many. Frankly, mooncakes are just too overpriced based on the ingredients that are being used to make them.

Enter…. homemade halal mooncakes….

Halal mooncakes Aihana

The colourful hand crafted mooncake is listed under Aihana Thousand Layer Handcrafted mooncake* . Really beautiful and comes in a nice box. Available all year round but flavours may change from time to time.

Recently while browsing through Shopee to check out the mooncakes available, I am amazed to see so many homemade halal mooncakes available for sale.

Bakeries and homes are making mooncake for sale in Shopee. Lots of sellers with homemade mooncakes of all kinds. A wide variety of halal mooncakes are available.

You can find many of these mooncakes being produced by Muslim bakeries, hence you can enjoy your mooncakes knowing full well they are halal. You can also buy them as gifts to your staff, colleagues and friends who you know loves mooncakes.

My mom used to make mooncakes in the past when it just got too expensive to buy and distribute the mooncakes. So we know the ingredients for halal mooncakes are available all year round. It is just that usually people do not go through the trouble of making them.

Hence anytime you feel you really want to have your mooncake fix, you can consider checking and inquiring if your favourite seller is able to make them for sale.

Still for the Chinese community, if we are not making ourselves, we would need to buy from traditional popular brands like Tai Thong, Kum Lun Tai and Overseas. The more expensive ones would be from the 5 star hotels in Malaysia. The halal mooncakes would be suitable for own consumption, gift for friends and relatives.

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