Calendar 2023 available via online

Updated in November 2022 for year 2023

You can now purchase calendar for 2023 via online from websites such as Shopee MY*. I will be updating this page as more calendars are available.

I’ve always have a soft spot for calendars and used to buy them as Christmas gifts for my team and friends. To me, it is more practical than giving seasonal items.  Usually, I would purchase the calendars with writing spaces for them to be able to write down important deadlines, meetings and appointments. There would be a few designs and get them to choose the design that they like. It is nice seeing the calendars stay on their workdesk the entire year and become a useful source of reference for them.

Calendar 2023 sold online

Examples of 2023 calendars on sale now (VIEW ALL*):

1. Race Horse calendar with personalized printing *(can personalize your name, company, tel, email and website)
The good old race horse calendar is popular with all races in Malaysia. This is because the calendar contains the details of Muslim months and Chinese lunar months. .

This type of calendars are suitable to small / medium businesses which usually give out free calendars by the end of the year.

Calendars are not like how it was in the past where it is available in abundance. Shop owners are giving out sparingly only to frequent customers or those who make purchases above certain amount. Therefore, chances are the calendar you give out would be used, ie hung in the wall of the home. Imagine, the calendar with your company details attached are there, in plain sight for the entire year. And it cost you only peanuts to print one. Why not consider spending on such printing and save a little from the advertisement cost that you spend?

2. Calendar 2023 Malaysia Singapore Brunei
Calendars with Singapore and Brunei holidays are useful when you have family members/ relatives/ friends staying/ working in Singapore and Brunei. I have many friends who are staying long term in Singapore and some friends from Sabah/Sarawak  have family members/ relatives working in Brunei.

If you have loved ones staying in Singapore and Brunei, having a calendar which contains the holidays from these countries would be useful when it comes to planning your trip or meet ups. Hopefully by next year travel would be much more convenient than it is now.

3. Chinese Calendar 2023 (Daily pages)/ Feng Shui calendar
This is a very traditional calendar with Chinese dates as well as some brief description of what can be done/cannot be done for that day.  A regular Chinese prayer shop that we visited all our life would stock these calendars for their regular or customers who purchase a high amount (sometimes it acts as an incentive for them to purchase prayer items for Winter Solstice or CNY).

4. Desk Calendar 2023
Shopee really carries a lot of variety of desktop calendars from different sellers and brands. You can click on the link above to view the various types of calendars sold online.

5. Kaison Calendars now sold online
At the point of writing (November 2022), calendars from Kaison are available via Shopee. So glad that finally the calendars can be purchased online as prior to this, we have to visit Kaison if we wish to buy their calendars and there are limited branches around.

6. Daiso Calendar now sold online
Daiso generally have a very simple styled calendar similar to this past blog post. The link results not only show calendars from Daiso but other inexpensive budget calendars as well.

7. Joey Yap Feng Shui calendar  now sold online
At the point of writing (November 2022), Joey Yap’s feng shui calendar is also available via Shopee. I used to buy Joey Yap’s feng shui calendar to present to one of my boss during Christmas Gift Exchange. The calendar is quite handy especially when we need to use it plan for Lion dance.


Monthly Planners
Usually I would get a planner in monthly spread to update my schedule and appointments as well as to jot down my to do list. I find it useful as a planning tool and thin enough that I can keep in my bag. Usually I would get the A5 size monthly spread planner.

6. Diaries
Diaries are useful not only to write down your personal thoughts but also in the workplace to track minutes, deadlines, ideas and to-do list.

7. Planners
There are various types of creative planners you can find in Shopee in reasonable price. They are available all year round hence if you start your planning in the middle of the year, you can still get these planners online.



I have prepared some free template calendars which is available for download for free (in printable pdf format).

Articles related to planning using Calendars:

I have a blog where I write about my experience in planning using calendars, diaries and planners. Below are some articles:


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