Twisting of the intenstines/ bowels (Volvulus) due to spirit disturbance

In my life, I have known of 2 cases of persons suffering from volvulus or twisted intestines/ bowels. Basically they develop bloating of the stomach, followed by severe unbearable pains. When they got themselves checked at the doctors, the doctors mentioned that for some unknown reasons, their intestines/ bowels seemed to have twisted together.

The only way to treat this medically is via surgery to untangle the intestines and to cut off parts that have damaged. The ladies in both the case went for the first operation.

But the problems came back! The first story was told to me when I was a teenager. When I was working, I had another colleague with the same problem. When her issue came back after surgery, I suggested that she consult a bomoh (as well as continuing with her checkups).  Because she cannot afford to have inches of her intestines kept being cut off. Eventually there would be nothing left.

Like the first case, after spiritual rectification is done, the condition just disappears. Stranger than fiction, right?

Both ladies are from different race. Both sought treatment based on the spiritual healers of their faith and both got healed. Since both the cases happened in Malaysia, I decided to publish the story in this blog. Please watch the video above for more details.

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