Supernatural Cause of Road Accidents | The Haunting of Karak Highway

In year 2020, the 7th lunar month of the Chinese calendar begins on 19 August 2020 and ends on 16 September 2020. It is also known as the Hungry Ghost Festival.

It is believed that with the opening of the hell gates around the 7th Chinese Lunar calendar month, ghosts and spirits would be roaming the earth. It is also said that some are coming back to take revenge on the wrong that have been done against them. That is why older day families take more precaution and do not allow the old, sick and young children to be going out often. Especially at night as well as no going near water areas like rivers, beaches, etc.

This believe is slowing fading away in modern times. During Hungry Ghost festival, does accidents happen more often? It seems to be so based on what I have been told. I have a Malay friend who is able to see spirits and not knowing about the Chinese lunar calendar, she did ask me once if the Hungry Ghost month is over. I said “yeah, why?”. And she said, “no wonder as there are much less ghosts around”.

According to her, and other people who unfortunately had the gift curse to be able to see into the invisible world, they told me that these beings are around all year round but during Hungry Ghost festival there seems to be more.

In conjunction with this festival, I have been publishing some videos related to the paranormal. I have included this as part of the “Kisah Seram playlist” in my channel in YouTube. Some of these are ghost stories but my objective of telling them is not for entertainment or to scare the viewers. In each of these stories, I would share about the lesson behind it as well as how to best protect ourselves.

In the video below, I have covered some possible ways of how certain accidents can be caused by ghosts or spirits. This is followed by steps we can take to safeguard and protect ourselves and what to do when we find ourselves in such scary situation.

Update: A former colleague of mine passed away suddenly from a motorbike accident on end of July 2020, about 2 weeks after I uploaded the video above in my YouTube channel. He was only about few years older than me, a successful career and his whole life ahead of him. Just gone too soon. He was one of my senior when I first came to work in the corporate world and he was always kind and helpful to junior staff like us. Was popular with the customers for his excellent service and never lost his cool even in such a stressful environment.

There are 2 stories I mentioned in the video above that were breaking news during the pre internet era. Some of you may remember it:

  1. A call from the grave where a person was supposed to be dead but called into a radio show to describe his terrifying experience of being chased by a lorry in the Karak highway before plunging into a ravine.
  2. A girl from Ipoh who lost her entire family in a car accident in North South expressway. The family drove down to Ipoh to send her to the airport for her to pursue her tertiary education. On the way back, the entire family perished.

I would most probably add a few more of such stories into the playlist before going back to discuss about health related topics in my YouTube channel. I hope you would enjoy these stories, not to be scared by them but to learn a lesson or two from them.

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