Change of direction for this blog- towards healing and spirituality

This blog was started in 2009 when I decided to focus on posts related to Malaysia in a single blog. Mostly I post articles about discovery of suppliers and shops. These articles were well received.

In 2017, I have resigned from my corporate job and become a full time caregiver. My priorities have changed and the focus is caring for my mom who I love dearly. Going out and discovering places is not longer something that I was able to do freely.

I still love blogging, which is something I am able to do in my spare time. I am also recently more active in my YouTube channel making my own videos, using my own voice to narrate the videos. The direction of my channel is towards discovering mind body and spiritual connection to illness.

Because of my Malaysian roots, I am fortunate to be exposed to modes of healing from conventional to various traditional healing methods from different cultures throughout my life. Some of these practices are relatively unknown in the English speaking world. And if you are a Malaysian, you would remember that you or someone you know may be brought to see a medium or bomoh when the doctors could not find what is wrong with you, and then promptly healed.

I would be linking videos that I publish in this blog if it related to my experience here in Malaysia. Meanwhile, do checkout my YouTube channel as well as some of the articles I have written in my Health blog regarding to the healing methods available in our country.

Here are some examples of the articles I have written over the years in my Health Blog:


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