After STROKE: Treatment to do to prevent recurrance

I lost my dad to stroke so this topic is something close to my heart. When he got his first stroke, his recovery was apparently 100%. Basically he walked out from the hospital looking totally fine.

Few years later, a second stroke claimed his life. He went into a coma and subsequently passed away. Last month in May was the 20th anniversary of his passing.

It was years later that I learnt it is important to have follow up complimentary treatments after stroke. If a person could walk again after the first stroke it does not means that the recovery is complete- and most of the time, when the second stroke reoccur, the results would result in paralysis or death. Stroke is one of the top killers in our country.

Please don’t just think everything is fine. Having an active lifestyle and eating healthily is important, but the meridian blockages may not been cleared and the former stroke patient may be a ticking time bomb. I’ve had a few relatives who passed away from stroke- and the fatal one is always not the first stroke but the second or third.

I urge you, if you or your loved ones had a stroke attack and recover, please also go for traditional follow up treatments that is widely and easily available in this wonderful country of ours. Even if the person suffer from partial paralysis, treatment like acupuncture and chiropractor are found to be effective. The earlier one go for these treatments, the higher the chance of recovery of function. In the video below, I will discuss about some of the follow up treatments to take after the stroke patient is discharged from hospital.

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