A lady who did sorcery for higher commissions serving liquor

In the article, I wish to share to talk about dark practices using sorcery and magick in order to gain favours in jobs/ businesses, etc.

Does these practices exist? I believe it does exist all over the world, not only Malaysia. But since this incident happen in Malaysia, I want to share in this blog and ultimately show why it is not worth to dabble in such practices.

This is a real life experience I encountered 10 years ago when I was working at a paycut job (when taking a break from the corporate world). In my office, I worked alongside with a clerk, let’s call her Cathy (not her real name) .

Cathy was well under qualified even for the clerical job. Later I found out that the reason she got the job was because she kept throwing the pity card at her boss, a kind hearted Datin. So she was paid for than Rm1000 a month in order to sit in an air conditioned office to literally do nothing. I mean, she was on the phone almost all the time gossiping about people.

Her English was very poor so she was not able to handle the administative job well. But she lacked the initiative to learn and try to distract people of her inefficiency through either blaming others or losing her temper.

But she also had a second job after work which was serving alcohol in a pub which she would go right after work. So each day, she would come to work in a short miniskirt and towards the end of her shift, start putting on heavier makeup before making the dash to the door.

Frankly, I don’t know why but I never had a good vibe about her since day one. There seemed to be a sort of dark layer covering her face. Like her face was dim and never bright. It had nothing to do with skin colour and even though she wore makeup it still failed to mask the dark layer around her. I don’t know how to describe it.

I really just tried to do my own thing and avoid her. But our office was small and mostly had few people working. So it is difficult to avoid or ignore her altogether.

Initially she was hostile to me when I first joined. Then when she found that I was able to help her sort out some work related matters because of my English language, she started behaving more pleasant towards me. She started telling me sob stories and how she had to serve liquor to raise her daughter. Basically she served liquor and was paid commission according to how much of bottles of liquor she sold. She also often get personal tips from customers.

She said her luck was bad, her marriage was no good and she had been quite unfortunate, basically everything bad in her life happened because of forces out of her control.

I told her, since she said she was a Buddhist, she could try going to Buddhist temples, for example Wat Chetawan and Buddhist Maha Vihara to offer alms to monks and help out in temple work. Then dedicate merits to her ancestors, family, kammic debtors, etc.

She looked at me, and then said quietly to ask me to avoid going to Wat Chetawan. I asked her what did she mean by that? She said she had an unpleasant experience- where she fell sick after being sprinkled by the blessing water by a monk. She was implying that the temple was involved in some sorcery practices of some sort. Please read on and you would see that what she said was untrue, and in fact it was her going there that revealed that it was she that did the dark practices.

A little background…. when you visit the shrine hall of Wat Chetawan (of course with Covid it is no longer applicable), each day there is a monk on duty at the shrine hall where lay followers can go to receive blessings or offer requisites (like rice, oil, robes, medicine, etc). The monk would then bless the person by chanting transferring of merits where the person who makes the offerings silently dedicate the merits for themselves, family, ancestors, etc.

So Cathy was accompanying the Datin (her boss) to the temple and a monk did the usual blessing and sprinkle some blessing water from the alms bowl to them. Right after the water was sprinkled, Cathy started to feel really unwell. Soon, she feel very sick and dark dots started emerging from her back. She was in a lot of pain, felt very weak, and yet doctors do not know what was wrong with her.

She then told me she went back to a sifu’s place to ‘rectify’ the situation. She said the sifu did some rites and told her not to visit such places again.

I found what she said about Wat Chetawan to be hard to believe since I personally have a good vibe when I visit the temple. But anyway, so happened that a spiritual teacher I really respected was in town and I offered to bring her to visit the teacher to see about her situation. She agreed and we fixed a time to go after work.

The strange thing was, that day the traffic jam was much worse than normal. I have already fixed the time and place but somehow, the teacher suddenly could not make it. If we wanted to meet her we had to wait for a few more hours.

Cathy told me she could not wait as she had to get back to see her daughter. I sent her home in my car. It was dark as I dropped her off in front of her house. She then looked at something in my car, had a strange look and quickly got down.

Later at a further distance, she called me. She told me that I had ‘something’ scary in my car. Puzzled, I asked her what was it? She told me there is a picture of the Buddha with eyes closed in the car. She said as she was going to get down from my car, she happened to look at the picture at my dashboard and saw the eyes in the picture opened and stared at her fiercely!

I was at first surprised. Then when I think back, everything clicked into place. I realized that in an effort to increase her appeal, she had some dark sorcery done to her so that it would help her to get more tips and able to manipulate people.

1. Feel sick when being sprinkled blessing water from the monk
Sprinkling blessing water was a common Thai Buddhist monks practice. I am familiar with the chants the monks are using during blessing. It is essentially transference of merits that carries the best intention. If a person does sihir,  sorcery or dark practices, they may be adversely affected when any holy or blessing water (of any religion) touches their body.

2. Not able to meet a spiritual teacher
There is some obstruction when we try to bring some people to meet the teachers. Sometimes it is kammic obstruction. Sometimes, the evil force in the person that made meeting a holy person not possible.

3. Seeing the Buddha picture in my car open his eyes and stared at her
This was then when it really struck home. I don’t do any magick practices, dark or bright. The picture she was referring to was just a picture that a Buddhist friend of mine pass to me. It was a picture of the Buddha taken in front of a large tree. She got a number of copies during her pilgrimage to India and she gave me a copy. I placed in my car dashboard and it had stayed there for few years.

Over time, I have given rides to many friends of all races and religious beliefs. None of them ever made the comment that they got scared by the picture or said they were uncomfortable when they got in my car. No one avoided taking lifts in my car. In fact, my car, even though quite badly dented, I feel is good for me because I had not incurred any personal harm.

4. A layer of dark covering over her
Maybe the stuff she did helped her to look more appealing to drunken patrons so that they buy more liquor and she would get more commissions and earnings. She had told me that some other waitress had envied her for earning high commissions.

One day, she had a fight with her boss, the Datin and refused to turn up for work. The Datin had to come in to do her work. She was of course upset. The Datin was actually a long time friend of hers and knew her family. I asked the Datin what kind of man would allow his wife to be wearing miniskirts and carrying liquors, possibly being taken advantage physically by drunked customers.

It was then she told me that in fact, her husband had objected to Cathy taking up a job as a waitress peddling alcohol. Her husband had told Cathy, that if she was willing to live simply, he was able to care for her. Her husband worked a simply job as a car mechanic but earned honest living. She need not work, she could just stay at home to care for her daughter. Furthermore, Datin was already paying Cathy more than RM1k to sit in office 5 days a week during office hours and literally do nothing.

But Cathy was not contended. She wanted more money to buy branded stuff and use for herself. Okay, maybe you could say that car mechanics do not earn enough but with a supplemental income of more than RM1k a month, it should not be a problem.

Why involving in dark practices is not worth it

Please think careful. Is it worth it to ‘sell your soul’, so to speak just for some little worldly crumbs? Just for more appeal, she went to have something done to increase her appeal to customers to buy more liquor from her.

Aside from me and Cathy, there was another retired company secretary (a devout Christian) who used to work in a multinational company working in the same office. All 3 of us reported to different bosses. Both myself and the retired secretary were not appealed with her. In fact, there was a dark vibe that is sort of repelling.

In other words, people who engage in such practices would only appeal to people with lower wholesome energy vibration. They would also close of the doors to help from the heavens, so to speak because of the dark practices that they do. So, she would always be in ‘bad luck’. The negative energy in her would cause disharmony in her home and everywhere she goes. This is further made worse with the fact she had a bad temper and always tried to be mean or bully people who have no use to her.

In my corporate life, I worked frequently with those of high position. They do not use dark practices to get them to the top. Even if they do, if they do not have the skill and quality, they cannot stay in that position. Also, CEOs and big bosses usually have a higher energy vibration because of their focus and one pointedness in getting things done. So magick usually would not be able to affect them. If it could, then a lot of hated politicans in the world would have been brought down by sorcery.

Sorcery goes against the principles of Islam, Hindu, Buddhist and Christianity.  Most of the time, those who are involved are involved with dark practices, they would not have the mental focus, resilience, luck and blessings to be able to ever able to become and remain a rich or powerful person. Eventually, these people would meet with a terrible ending. Therefore please, stay away from such practices.

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