Multifilla- arts and craft supplier in KL & PJ

Multifilla is a business that supply arts and craft raw materials, supplies and machines. You can get anything from raw materials to make soap and candles, ribbons, batik, polymer clay, paint, painting, deco art, hand tools, wood work, glass fusing, keychains, sand art, mold making, scrapbooking, stenciling, etc. They even sell machines that are used for craft making.

They have been around for decades. In the days with no internet and Smartphones, it was with great difficulty that I have located Multifilla (if not mistaken it was via a newspaper ad or was it via Yellow pages by flipping through the pages?). Then I gave them a call to request for a catalogue and paid RM10 for them to mail it to me. I remember how excited I felt when I got the catalogue….I just flipped and flipped it so very often. Well nowadays, you can easily view the latest items from their website.

Eventually I made the trip to their store in Balakong on a Saturday afternoon. They are located in an industrial area so on Saturdays there are ample parking space available (but the place is a little deserted though). There are so many things there….if you are crafter, you would feel like in crafting heaven. For example, if you are into candle or soap making, it is very hard to find the suppliers who can give you raw materials in Malaysia.

Multfilla Arts and Craft Supplier in Balakong

Image Source: Multifilla’s Facebook page

When I was there I bought few hundred ringgit worth of items for soap making including the raw materials, fragrances and coloring. The owner was quite friendly as he provided tips and steps on how to make the soap. He even gave me a printout of more details on soap making.

So I came back and made my very own soaps by heating up the materials, adding fragrance and coloring, then pouring into a jelly mould (I had the cute jelly moulds with teddy bear and other endearing shapes). Looking back it has been quite fun ūüôā

In terms of pricing, not all items are the cheapest. For example satin ribbons may cost cheaper from other craft supplier stores. However, if you are looking for specialist craft items and supplies, it is really hard to find anywhere. Even if you could find them, the items are probably bought in bulk and then sorted in small packets and resold for a much higher price.

Multifilla have come a long way….the company set up their own website the moment internet sites started to rise in popularity. Their website design changed over time and the latest one is fully responsive, being graphic and colour rich.

So for crafters out there, whether you are doing craft as a hobby, full time or part time, you may go to their shop to take a look. Last time I had to call the owners a few times before I could find the place. But now with Waze, it would be a breeze.

Note: You may ask the owners for recommendation on how to make soaps or candles, else you can also look up on YouTube videos or books from the bookstores or local library. MBPJ library have a huge section of craft books which I borrow to learn about crafting before the existence of YouTube videos.

Multifilla (M) Sdn. Bhd.
No. 1, Jalan Perusahaan 2/2, Taman Industri Selesa Jaya, 43300 Balakong, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Tel: +603-8961 3686, +603-8961 3657,
+603-8964 4388

Fax: +603-8961 3637






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