Happy Bunch- flowers to brighten someone’s day

I love the concept of Happy Bunch whereby you can pay less than RM50 for a bunch of flowers to be delivered to someone for any particular reason. It would be based on the design of the day.  The flowers sometimes cost less than a meal that I pay for in a fancy restaurant.

Happy Bunch roses

Before I left my corporate job, my colleagues in my office organized farewell for me. But I have some colleagues from another office who could not come and they surprised me with a Happy Bunch. That time, the bunch consist of sunflowers. Of course I was touched to receive the bunch since they only called up to casually enquire if I have come to work that day. Once they found out I was at work, they just arranged for the flowers to be delivered on the same day which could be arranged since it was not during peak season and it was within Klang Valley.

It is a nice gesture to just send flowers to a friend who is feeling down or to your parents who are in another state to let them know that you are thinking about them.

However do note that the price may differ during peak season such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Alternatively, you may search out tutorials online to make your own flower bouquet. Don’t be discouraged when they did not turn out in the first few tries. Just like anything in life, practice makes perfect. Don’t give up….

And more…

There are also new YouTube shorts published where you can learn in less than a minute. But I still recommend to watch the full long form tutorials as the short videos may leave out some vital steps.



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