Buying or making your own hampers for Chinese New Year

If you wish to visit a place with huge variety of hampers that does not feature cheap, ciplak items (especially if you wish to buy hampers to send to your suppliers), you may consider checking out the hampers selection at AEON (former Jaya Jusco).

This is especially in large outlets like in One Utama whereby a section in front of AEON supermarket would be dedicated to sell the hampers.

CNY hampers

CNY hampers

Famous Amos gift baskets also comes in very nice packaging and their biscuits also come in decorative boxes.

CNY hampers

But if you are creative, you can also make your own gift baskets and personalize your own items in it. Even though the video below by Old Town Coffee is a few years old, but it meaningful as it explains the significance of traditional gift items that are used in Chinese gift hampers.

The video shows a lady, slowing wrapping and putting in the gift items into a hamper basket. There is a voice narration of a lady at the background which turns out is actually the words of her mother in the past….where her mom has taught her how to make the hamper and what items to put inside.  It touches my heart because in the end of the video, the daughter is taking the finished hamper to visit her mother who seemed to have Alzheimer’s. The mom already not able to recognize her daughter but remembers that she used to make hampers like that.

My mom has Alzheimer’s….at times, I would experience flashbacks of her advice that she has given me. Example the simple cooking that she had taught me or life lessons she had taught me to be a better human being. There are so many things that we can learn from our parents. When the time to learn has passed, it is impossible to turn back time.

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