Air Asia- How to Add Luggage Kilo After You Have Purchased Your Ticket

Now with Air Asia, it is very easy for you to add luggage kilo after booking even though you did not login during booking or that you utilized a third party site (example Traveloka) when purchasing your ticket. If you have bought luggage kilo but wished to add more, you may also do so via self service from Air Asia’s official website.

A lot has changed since I have written the first article in 2013 on how to add luggage kilo after you have performed your booking. In the past, if we wish to add luggage kilo after booking especially if the booking is performed without logging in, customers would need to either contact Air Asia customer service, or try to chat with a staff.

Recently, I had to help a friend to quickly add luggage to her Air Asia booking. She was flying back from Don Meung (DMK) to Kuala Lumpur and it was not convenient for us to reach her friend who did the booking for her. Her friend book through a third party app and not via Air Asia directly. I went to the site and find that it is surprisingly easy to add her luggage kilo via Air Asia website. She is flying on the same day as my purchase.

What you would need when adding luggage kilo after the booking:

  • it has to be done minimum 4 hours before the flight time (this information was verbally told to me by a frequent traveller who always fly with Air Asia and had to add luggage last minute for a number of times)
  • the Air Asia booking number (it is in the travelling itinerary)
  • the surname of the first passenger flying
  • the original city when the departure is done.
  • a valid credit card/ debit card (in Malaysia, you must be able to receive the 6 digit of the OTP or TAC that is delivered to your bank registered mobile number when performing the booking)

How to Add Luggage Kilo After You Have Purchased Your Ticket with Air Asia (with screenshots)

First, go to Air Asia website. Do note that in certain countries, Air Asia would default to the country’s used language. Example if you are in Malaysia, it would go to If you are in Thailand, it would default to If the website appears in a language that you totally do not understand, look out for the “globe” icon (usually located above the page) and select EN for the page to change back to English. Select the “My Bookings” tab:

Air Asia - add luggage kilo after booking

Another new page would open up. You need to complete the 3 critical information: the booking number, the surname of the (first) passenger and the origin departing city:

Air Asia - add luggage kilo after booking

If any of the information is wrongly keyed in, you would get the error message:

We’re unable to locate your flight booking. You can only search for bookings made with AirAsia or other online travel websites.

Do note that the information is not case sensitive. Example you can enter the booking number and surname in all caps or small caps- you would be able to access if your information is correct.

Possible reasons why you are not able to login:

Here are some of the reasons I could think off that may cause the error message.

1. The booking number is incorrect or the booking is not actually confirmed
You need to ensure your booking has been confirmed. Sometimes if something happens during the booking, ie the card information does not match, or that there is a connection problem (ie credit card deducted but information did not transmit correctly to Air Asia), you may have only a reservation number instead of a booking number.

2. Surname is entered incorrectly
The surname is the information entered in the “surname” field of the first passenger. If there is only one passenger travelling, it is quite straight forward. Example if the person travelling is called “Mary Fernandez”, usually the surname would be “Fernandez”. But sometimes, a person may put the information in reverse, ie “Mary” is in the “Surname” section and “Fernandez” is at the first name. In this case you need to try both the names.

If it is a group travelling, usually the person who do the booking would put his/her name first.

3. Origin city
Actually it is easy to get this information in correct. Example if you purchase a round trip ticket where you first fly from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok and then from Bangkok to KL, even though you are only adding the luggage for the returning flight (Bangkok), you still need to select “Kuala Lumpur” because it is the ORIGINAL city (based on that itinerary number) that your flight is departing from.

What to do after successful information input:

If all your information is correct, you would be brought to the page where you would see the confirmed status in green, booking number, the passengers names, full details of the flight, add-ons, etc:

Air Asia - add luggage kilo after booking

To add luggage, proceed to “Add-ons” then select “Baggage, Meal, Duty Free & More”. You would be brought to the page below:

Air Asia - add luggage kilo after booking

The options to select the baggage is provided. In the screenshot above, there are 2 passengers travelling where total checked baggage of 20kg was included in the original booking. You can see the pricing of the full ticket that was paid is being displayed in the left. The passengers have already paid RM65 for checked baggage of 20kg. So the drop down box carries the selection of the new total checked baggage that the passenger wishes to purchase.

Example, if the passenger selects 25kg, it means that the passenger is adding 5kg (and not 25kg yeah) on top of the original 20kg. The baggage pricing for 25kg is RM86.50 based on the screen above (please note that pricing may change and it is different from one destination to another). Once it is selected, you would see the total amount in the “Booking Summary” on the right being changed immediately.

If you click to proceed, you would be brought to the next screen where the balance of RM21.50 is required for payment if the passenger wishes to add another 5kg (since the passenger already paid RM65 for the 20kg of luggage earlier):

Air Asia - add luggage kilo after booking

After you click “Make payment”, you would be asked if you confirm you are amending the information. Once you click “OK”, you would proceed to the payment page. If you are using credit card to pay, you need to enter the card number, expiry date and CVV along with the name embossed  on the card. Visa/Master, based on the card number you enter would route to any additional authentication system that is required.

Note: For Malaysia issued cards, cardholders would be required to enter the One Time Password (OTP) which is immediately delivered to the registered mobile number. The 6 digit OTP must be entered to perform the transaction. If the customer is not able to receive the OTP, please contact the issuing bank to check on the mobile number registered for OTP in their system.

After all the correct information is keyed in and the online transaction is successful, the system will bring the customer back to the booking page. Once confirmed, Air Asia would deliver the revised itinerary to the registered email address (based on the booking number). There is also the option to go to the link of the revised itinerary and print it out via the same computer/laptop where the booking is done.

In the screenshots provided above, the passenger already purchased luggage kilo. If you have not purchased luggage kilo and wish to add, you can also use this option. It was what I did for my friend who had to buy luggage kilo (she originally did not purchase luggage) within about 6 hours of her flight time. For my friend to buy 20kg of luggage, it cost RM89, which is more expensive because she would only have paid RM65 had she bought during the original booking.

But regardless, it is still better than buying at the airport when you are checking in. It would cost at least RM20 per kilo! So if you are buying 20kg in the airport, the price would be RM400.

Hopefully the above tutorial helps.

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  1. Hi

    I have booked my tickets from pvg to maa in But i can’t able to select the pvg from origin city, seems its not available in the list.


  2. Hi Chakravarthi,
    PVG is the abbreviation for Shanghai, China. In the drop down list it appears as “Shanghai- Pudong (PVG)”. You need to search under the alphabet “S”.

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