Where to get cheap notebooks to jot down ideas/schedule- Mr DIY

Mr DIY is now one of my favourite shops after being introduced to it by my friend. There are many outlets in Malaysia and they sells all kinds of items.

There was one time when I was searching for some nice notebooks to jot down ideas and as a journal. Even though our Smartphone has electronic planners, personally I find I still function best by writing down stuff in a book.

And I would want books with covers and designs that gives me inspiration and trigger my creativity. As well as being affordable and as cheap as possible.

Today, I am using 2 note books related to my blogs:

  • one to jot down any ideas that I have to write about them later
  • one to detail development that I have done on my blogs

Both of these books I have gotten from Mr DIY. One of the note book cost me RM1.20 and came in the design that I love. Another is RM8 which came in my favourite color and it is thick with diary style….where most other stores would have sold similar books for RM15 to RM30.

There are note books that can be used as travel journals, diaries and a planner. Only thing is that the thicker books are imported from China so my blog journal does have details of China’s mass transit, etc. I am sure I can take care of them later by pasting photos or other contents on top of them.

Another shop that perhaps offer comparable items are Daiso stores where all items are priced at RM5.90.

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