Famous Amos- creative wrapping and delicious gift

Famous Amos makes quite a popular gift during the major festive seasons such as Hari Raya, Christmas, Deepavali and Chinese New Year. This is more so that they have put in a lot of thought in coming up with beautiful and creative packaging for their products.

When I was young, I always love to pass by the Famous Amos outlet and enjoy the free smell of their biscuits as there was one at a shopping complex not far from my home. During that time, we cannot really afford the biscuits. But after I came out to work, I started getting Famous Amos gift packs as team, birthday or year end gifts.

Famous Amos cart

I love venturing to their stores or kiosks and admiring the way they package their biscuits into decorative steel tins, mugs, teddy bears and hampers. Sometimes when I cannot think of what gift ….be it year end gift exchange, Christmas gift, or gifts to take for visiting…. I would by biscuits from Famous Amos.

Famous Amos gift wrapping

When I get the tins that came with the biscuits…. I tend to keep the tins for my personal use. The photos below I took during Deepavali season…. of their mini hampers:

Famous Amos gift wrapping


Famous Amos gift wrapping

Below are biscuits combined into steel tins that can be used as stationery holder as well as in mugs:

Famous Amos gift wrapping

But sometimes the packaged biscuits may not be as fresh as those on the display below. The staff was baking a batch of biscuits at the shop:

Famous Amos biscuits

I bought a few packets of the biscuits together with other things I am buying while visiting some friends and relatives.

Well, year end is around the corner. For those who cannot figure out what to get for your office’s gift exchange, well, you may consider getting some Famous Amos biscuits.

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