BookXcess – books and craft kits at great discounts

BookXcess sells many contemporary and sometimes unusual titles with a deep discount. All the books sold there are brand new and the discount is quite unbelievable.

Book Xcess selling books at a huge discount

I love to read non fiction books mainly on genres of health, self improvement and crafting. No doubt, you can now find a lot of information online for free via blogs and YouTube but they are usually available in bits and pieces. The information are not arranged systematically. If you want an entire package, then most likely you would need to pay for an ebook or an online course.  The information provided are often well researched (with clear reference citation) or it is written by someone who practice that particular skill for many years.

Book Xcess selling books at a huge discount

However I have done my best to avoid buying books these few years because I wanted to minimize the clutter in my home. Instead I prefer to borrow books from the library and do my research through these books. It frees up a lot of space in my home.

But if you prefer to own the books yourself (similar to my younger self), you may want to consider paying a visit to BookXcess store to see if you are able to find the books that you want. If you go to stores like MPH, Borders and Popular, the books are sold at the recommended retail price which usually cost more than RM50 for book imported from overseas.

Book Xcess selling books at a huge discount

Above are some of the health books that they have. Some of the titles are quite intriguing and does spark my curiosity.  And then depending on the time you go, you may also find cheeky books like below:

Shoo Jimmy Choo

The book is titled “Shoo, Jimmy Choo! The Modern Girl’s Guide to Spending Less and Saving More” written by Catey Hill who is a money editor at and a recovering shoe addict. Erm actually I think the title is a bit brutal…. like is like blaming one’s weight gain on McDonalds and KFC when in actual fact we do have a choice.

Moving on, there is a huge kids section where you can find all kinds of books for children. I know, I know, if you raid the Big Bad Wolf Sale, you can get like a whole trolley full of children’s books. But the crowd at the Big Bad Wolf sale- is not something that you would want to bring your kid to. If it is okay to insert a little humble opinion here, my suggestion is to buy  a few children’s books and then join a library membership and borrow the rest from the library. The children will eventually upgrown the books so no point of buying tonnes of books which eventually you would have to get rid of (waste money and space).

Book Xcess selling books at a huge discount

It was basically what my mom did for us because we do not come from a well to do family. Most of our books are borrowed from the library. She did however buy us a few story books from discount bins so that we have something to call our own. Personally, I treasured those few books even after I have outgrown those books.

There are a number of baking and cooking books being sold…. usually if you buy from the conventional bookstore they are really overpriced…

Book Xcess recipe books

There is books that teaches on beading. Well, I love beading and I know these books are usually very expensive. You can see that the two books below (Making Beaded Jewellery- Over 80 beautiful designs to make and wear, and 10 Minute Bracelets) retails for more than RM70 each. But they are sold by BookXcess at RM17.90 only. It cost less than 2 cups of lattes from Starbucks and I get to learn a skill.

Book Xcess craft books

I also saw the Reader’s Digest The Complete Beading Set… which was there when I visited but I am not sure if it is still available now. The original price is RM124.50 but it is now sold for RM29.90!  It contains materials, instruction book and project cards. If you are really interested in crafting, the beading books like above and the beading set below are good way to start. After you know the basics, then you would be able to slowly expand out and come out with more beautiful design and pieces. I wish these were available during the time when I was learning how to bead- it would certainly save me many hours trying to figure things out on my own.

BookXcess Beading kit

There are also holiday crafts and books on crafting with kids. When I was growing up, I used to help my mom with baking (but eventually I ahem ‘delegated’ the job to my younger brother because I did not really like baking/cooking. I only like to eat, hee hee). Still, thinking back those were memorable times.

Now, I seldom hear of such things anymore. When my friends (who are now mothers) are cooking or baking in the kitchen, most often their kids would either be engrossed with their iPad or watching YouTube videos on their SmartTV. If we could revive such projects it would make growing up more memorable and strengthen the family bond, don’t you think so?

Book Xcess selling books at a huge discount

Above there are some interesting books such as handmade holiday crafts, raining day book of things to do and crafting with kids. Below there is a mini delight of cupcake and cookie book set with some of the materials being provided:

Book Xcess selling books at a huge discount

Well, I can only write about books of my interest. There are many other genres of books available both fiction and non fiction. There are not many BookXcess branches in Malaysia but they do also sell books online.

BookXcess have branches at Amcorp Mall PJ, Fahrenheit88 in Bukit Bintang, Starling Mall, Tamarind Square (Cyberjaya- this is 24 hours), Subang Jaya, Gurney Paragon in Penang and Kong Heng Ipoh.

For the full listing of branches, please refer to their link here.


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