Computer light, mouse pad and LED lights from MrDIY

When MrDIY started offering computer accessories, I was very interested because the pricing of the item is lower compared to normal computer accessories shop. This was back in 2017 when I suddenly find myself being a caregiver for my mom. Pricing is a factor and I was also looking into making my home more elderly friendly.

Computer LED lights and a mousepad

MrDIY sells accessories like mouse, mousepad and computer LED light. Through years of using computer and laptops with a mouse, I would rather pay more for a long lasting mouse. Granted, it is easy to get cheap mouse especially those unbranded made in China type. But having bought countless from computer fairs and shops, I find that the mouse malfunction in a matter of months.

Computer accessories MrDIY

A staff from a computer accessory shop which I frequented when I need to get thumbdrive and harddisk gave me a good advice- basically he sold the cheap mouse which cost RM10 or RM15 as well as better mouse. He advised me to get a good mouse, at least the Logitech mouse that comes with a few years warranty because in the end, it would be worth the price to pay for.  Because his shop has the cheap unbranded mouse which gets spoil quickly.  I paid RM30 for a basic Logitech mouse and it has lasted for about three years without giving me any problems. So in terms of mouse, my advise is get a good brand because eventually you end up saving. It would not be appropriate to buy from MrDIY.

LED lights

However two computer accessories that I bought from MrDIY are computer light and a mouse pad:

Computer light and mouse pad

The computer LED light cost me RM7.90 while the mouse pad only cost me RM1.20. Earlier on I actually tried to look for a mousepad from computer accessories shop and was surprised that I could not find them. I really have no regrets buying these items.

The computer LED light uses a USB which you can plug into your computer/laptop’s USB drive or even at your usual Samsung/ andriod phone charger plug. When buying, my advise is go back to test the light immediately and keep the receipt because MrDIY allows you to exchange if the item is faulty within 7 days of purchase. They do not refund but they allow you to exchange with the same item.

Now, I am actually typing this post in a dark room and my laptop is being lighted by this very LED computer light that I bought from MrDIY about 2 years ago.  Reason why I bought the light is because I felt it would come in handy when I am keeping my mom company at night and at the same time wish to get work done. She could not tolerate the brightness of the room light and would not be able to sleep. This light is really useful and the cord is movable and I am able to adjust the light to any direction that I wish. I would have the lights face my computer screen and the brightness enables me to see my keyboard clearly. And if I wish to read my notes from my notebook, I just need to move the light and able to read clearly. All this without disrupting my mom’s sleep.

The RM1.20 mousepad- I am still using 2 years on. I like the mousepad because it is very soft and pliable unlike some of the stiff mousepads out there. Only thing is that the top layer has detached from the second layer but the mousepad is still usable.

Other LED lights which I bought from MrDIY

There are 2 other lights that I bought from MrDIY as well. You can see that they have quite a selection of LED lights.

LED lights

I bought the rose shaped light in the picture above as well as the toilet light in the picture below.

The rose shaped light can be plugged in to a power source or extension. This will prevent the room from being in complete darkness when you draw the curtains, close the door and off the main lights. At that point my mom had a bedside commode and I do not want the room to be too dark (we have a salt lamp but the lightbulb tends to burn off quite quickly). But after a few weeks the light sort of malfunctioned.

Toilet blinking light

Next is the toilet LED light. Basically,  you are supposed to attach it to the toilet seat. The device is battery operated and the light automatically lights up if there are movement and the lights are blinking and are of different colours. Without movement it will not be off. I placed it for my mom should she wanted to walk all the way to the bathroom at night.

But to be honest, I find the light a little hard to place at the toilet seat. Sometimes we scoop water to rinse off the toilet bowl and it ended up wetting the device. I then tie the device to the handrails (I installed handrails in the toilet for my mom to make the bathroom elderly friendly) but it still got wet when we bathed in the bathroom.  After about one week, the device no longer worked even though I replaced the battery.

Furthermore, I find that it is not bright enough to light up my entire bathroom (my bathroom is actually quite small). And to be honest, it is a little spooky when you walk in to use the toilet in the middle of the night to find the green light is on. In the end, we just keep the toilet light on at night.

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