Amcorp Mall Weekend Flea Market and Bazaar

Usually most of the major shopping malls are crowded during weekends. Amcorp Mall is one of the quieter shopping malls around Klang Valley that is suitable for those who dislike crowded places is looking for something different than the usual boutique brands.

Amcorp Weekend Flea market Petaling Jaya

During weekends, you can visit the weekend bazaar there where there are temporary stalls set up selling all types of items from memorablias, household items, old music records (the piring type), decorative items, cakes, cookies, clothes, handbags, craft items and books.

Budding crafters or entrepreneurs can consider renting and setting up a weekend store over at the mall. Over the years the flea market has expanded from about two floors to occupying all the retail floors at Amcorp.

Amcorp Weekend Flea market Petaling Jaya

Amcorp Weekend Flea market Petaling Jaya

There are some motivational and sales books such as “Who stole my cheese” or the “Rich Dad Poor Dad board game”, CDs that are sold for very low price which I would go and check out whenever I visit the weekend flea market. I have bought some books over the years from this stall below (he used to be at the basement but sometimes he is on the second floor):

book seller at Amcorp mall flea market


You may also sit at Starbucks with a cup of latte or a kopitiam and your laptop and type away or watch the crowd visiting the weekend bazaar goes by.

And if you wish to shop for evening wear and shoes (like attending a wedding dinner or official evening function), you may be able to source for nice dresses from the shops (not the flea market) within Amcorp Mall. You can read more from this post here.

Aside from that, Amcorp also have the usual chain of stores like Watsons, Popular, XES, Giordano, Book Xcess and Giant that you can go in to buy items- because the prices are usually standard amongst there stalls. The area is also much less crowded no matter what time of the day that you go.


The address of Amcorp Mall is as follows:

Amcorp Mall
No 18, Persiaran Barat off Jalan Timur,
46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

How to get to Amcorp Mall Petaling Jaya and parking rates:

You can access there via the Kelana Jaya LRT line train station or drive and park outside or at the basement. One thing though… the basement parking is a little expensive about RM2 per hour which I find a little expensive. If you are parking at the open space parking right outside the mall, it is RM3 per hour.

Also please note that if you visit Amcorp Mall on a Monday, it is very quiet as some of the shops may be closed (due to they are opened on the weekends).

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