Rach Dessert- little nice cozy cafe in USJ Taipan

My friend introduced me to Rach cafe once when we meet up in USJ Taipan. After going to the cafe once, I like the environment and have requested to meet there instead of other places.

Rach Cafe USJ

Rach Dessert & Ice Cream is a junior cafe under “The Carpenter’s Daughter” which is located just two doors away.  I have been told that both are under the same owner. They serve a variety of coffee, ice cream, cakes and some patries.

Rach Cafe USJ

I usually order latte as it is one of my favourite cuppa. My friend would order cappuccino which is also quite nice.

Rach Cafe USJ

Mainly I like the Rach Cafe because of the ambiance. It only occupies like half a shoplot but it has a very cozy environment. The combination of a delicious cup of coffee with a comfortable lighting- I can spend hours chit chatting with my friend to catch up.

There are also other customers who would drop by to order some ice creams to eat with their family. Some would go to the cafe, order a cup of coffee and sit quietly to get their work done. There are also students who hang around here after school. Personally, I prefer this environment compared to Starbucks, not to mention that they latte taste real good.

Rach Cafe USJ Ice Cream and Desserts

Below are the drinks we ordered- a cup of latte and cappuccino. According to my friend, the cakes are also delicious.

Rach Cafe USJ Ice Cream and Desserts

Dessert & Ice Cream
44, Jalan USJ10/1E
47620 Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-8081 1218
Business hours: Monday to Friday: 1pm to 11pm
Saturday & Sunday: 1pm to 11.30pm
Website: https://www.facebook.com/rachdesserts

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