PJ State Art Lane/ Street Art- creative effort

PJ State, or otherwise known as PJ New Town has undergo some creative changes over the past few years. If you go happened to pass PJ state, you would see some nice paintings being painted around PJ State.

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I am really attracted by the painting of an owl, complete with details with tones and shade that decorated the outside of the PJ State multi level carpark:

There is also the PJ Art Lane:

What happened was that the walls of the shoplots located at the backlanes were being painted with customised art work. I enjoyed going through the back lanes and admired the different artwork:

PJ Art Lane PJ Art Lane


The following is located at the wall near Tong Woh, which is a popular Chinese medicine shop.

PJ Art lane at Seksyen 52

Except for the huge owl painting located near Tenaga Nasional office- the other paintings are located more at the backlanes and are not really apparent. However, I really appreciate the effort that went into producing these paintings.

There are a set of paintings with Malay, Chinese and Indian design motives.

A nice time to go and view these paintings would probably be during weekends where it is less congested. This is because the almost all the main banks, along with MBPJ office, Telekom Malaysia and Tenaga Nasional …..and limited parking which makes this area very crowded during weekdays.

The art span across a few lanes and it would be nice to explore the area slowly. When hungry, you can always stop by at the various restaurants including KFC, Texas Chicken, mamak restaurant and a bakery cafe. The PJ State area can be accessed via the PJ free green bus. The nearest train station is at Amcorp Mall station.

It would be nice if more art lanes are being set up by various local talented artists…. with the consent of the municipal office of course.


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