Bukit Gasing hill for jungle trekking in Petaling Jaya

Occasionally, I love to go into simple trekking inside the jungle. I used to go to Bukit Kiara in Taman Tun Dr Ismail and Forest Research Institute Malaysia in Kepong.

This is until a friend recommended Bukit Gasing hill to me- and it was the place I go to when I wanted to exercise in a natural environment.

Bukit Gasing Hill Hutan Pendidikan

Bukit Gasing trekking area or known officially as Hutan Pendidikan Bukit Gasing is located off Jalan Gasing. At Jalan Gasing, you turn in after Poh Lum monastery. Then you need to go up some distance into the hill slope road till you see the entrance above.

Bukit Gasing Hill Hutan Pendidikan

At the entrance, you would see this signboard:

  • Leave nothing but footprints
  • Take nothing but photographs
  • Keep nothing but memories

It is quite a long trek and there are few routes that enable you to reach the inside of the hill.

Bukit Gasing Hill Hutan Pendidikan


Bukit Gasing Hill Hutan Pendidikan

The above are still within the outer areas. As you trek along, you would go deeper into the tracks consisting of jungle trails. The good thing is as it is a jungle area, the areas are quite shaded hence even if you are hiking after the sun is up, you would be shaded by trees during most of your route.

If you are going during off peak times (ie morning or evening), try not to go alone especially if you are a lady and do not carry any valuables with you. Even if you go during usual trekking times, the place is not really crowded like Bukit Kiara or FRIM.

You would be tracking along the jungle route going uphills then it would be followed by a deep slope down before you arrive at a bridge. If you have pain in your knees, do wear a kneeguard and/or take the hiking pole to help offset the impact on your knees. And please use proper sport shoes (and not slippers ya) because some places can be a little steep and slippery.

Just going one round and coming back would give you a good workout, and at the same time inhaling the clean air (well unless there is a serious haze outbreak which would also impact as the jungle is located within the city).

The tropical weather can be unpredictable. I’ve encountered situations where it is bright and sunny…. and halfway hiking in it would be followed by heavy rain. Downpours in jungle areas are no joke…. the water can be just gushing downwards turning the trails into mini rivers. So do bring an umbrella with you- usually I carry a small lightweight backpack with an umbrella, water, towel and a plastic bag to store my mobile phone in case it pours.

Bukit Gasing Hill Hutan Pendidikan

Also jungle areas would get dark much earlier than in the city. I would suggest to start your hike at about latest 5pm so that you can finish in time before it gets real dark.


Note: Bukit Gasing can be a little crowded during weekends and parking can be hard to find. For those who are unable to find parking at the allocated bays near the residential areas, they would need to park at the allocated bays at Jalan Gasing. Geezzz…..it is going to be a loooonnngggg hike up. So try to go early so that it is easier to find parking.

Bukit Gasing Hill Hutan Pendidikan

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