Pineapple tarts maker in Petaling Jaya

During the last mooncake festival, I was gifted with pineapple mooncakes. I find this to be very creative because compared to traditional mooncakes, pineapple mooncakes are smaller and you do not feel too bloated after eating it due to the slightly sourish taste from the pineapple paste.

Pineapple mooncake

The pineapple mooncake came in a simple box packaging with home-made decoration and labels.

Basically the pineapple mooncakes are made using pastry style. It contained the lotus paste with the pineapple filling (as those used in pineapple tarts) being use as the central filling instead of the salted egg yolk.

Usually when eating traditional mooncakes, the taste is a little heavy. But this is smaller than usual mooncakes. And the pineapple filling made it less ‘heavy’ and easy to eat. I must say I finished up these pineapple mooncakes before eating the traditional mooncakes.

A creative way to reposition the sale of pineapple tarts by adding lotus paste. I did contact the seller whose contact is in the box to check if she makes normal variants and she informed me that she does bake pineapple tarts all year round for sale.

I have actually bought 3 bottles from her. I have given one bottle to my mom’s friend who loves pineapple tarts and she told me that what made the tarts different from others is that the seller actually uses butter instead of marjerin and also the jam is quite well cooked. The seller is also generous with her fillings as a lot of places would have only little bit of pineapple filling (worse, they sometimes use the standard filling bought from bakery supply stores, which pineapple tart lovers would not like).

Below is the image which I got from her Facebook page:

Pineapple tarts

CM 黄梨饼 Pineapple Tart
At Facebook, search ‘CM Pineapple Tart’
Tel: +6012-2988955
Wechat ID: m0122988955
Contact person: Moon Chong

Note: The seller is located in Petaling Jaya area.


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  1. Hi Ming, I understand it is home based. You may give the number a call for further clarification.

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