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When I was still studying, one of my ambitions is to start an enterprise whereby I employ either housewives, single moms or the disabled and pay them salaries to work for me. That time, I had interest in craft and wish to start off a business in crafts.

However, things do not always work out the way as I plan. Eventually I came out and work in corporate sector.

Even though I was not able to live my dream, but I have admiration for worthy causes especially giving opportunity to the less privileged for a chance to earn a living on their own.

One of them is the Mouth and Foot painting artists. It enables disabled artists to earn a living with dignity selling paintings in the form of greeting cards, puzzles, wrapping paper, serviettes, children’s memory game and table placement mat.

Letter from Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

Letter from Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

They emphasized that they are a self-help group and not charity.
Each year, they would send our family either greeting cards or a table calendar. They would also include a brochure of the items that they offer and the pricing.

Letter from Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

Contact details:
Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Sdn Bhd (122253-U)
Suite A-3A-2, Block A, Megan Avenue 1,
189 Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur
Alternate address:
P.O Box 12431,
50778 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-21618860/ 03-21618502. Fax: 03-21621504

Operation hours: Monday: 9am to 6pm
Tuesday- Friday: 9am to 6pm
Saturday/Sunday/public holidays: Closed


You can walk in to their office to view and purchase the items as well.
They used to accept payment via cheque, wang pos but with the digital technology, many people don’t even have chequebooks and it is too much of hassle to purchase postal order from the post office. You can bank in money to their Maybank account:

Maybank account in Malaysia : 014011450273

Note: Before you bank in any money to any account for that matter, always check that the name of the account holder is who you intended to bank in the money to. If you are using online banking, the option Instant Transfer allows you to check the name of the account holder.
After you have performed the transfer, please email the receipt and inform them of the payment so that they know it is for which payment.

Table calendar from Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

Table calendar from MFPA Table calendar from MFPA


I want to mention about this point because there have been some controversies involving Mouth and Foot Painting based in overseas. I wish to share my thoughts on this.

Over the years, Mouth and Foot Painting Artitsts have came under some controversial especially about able-bodied people absconding funds meant for the disabled artists. However these are from Mouth & Foot Artists branches that are based overseas.

So far, I have not heard about any controversy with regards to the Mouth & Foot Painting Artists in Malaysia.

Sometimes when such controversy occurs, people may feel they no longer want to contribute to charitable causes.

But not all NGOs or societies with a cause are dishonest or have unethical practices. As donors, supporters or contributors, we have no control over if the funds are not used within its intended cause.
If a person misappropriate or do not use the funds as intended by the giver, then they would have the face the moral consequences. But there are many more who really put all the funds to complete good use the benefit the cause.

Hence, any controversies involving other charities should not stop you from making donations to a worthy cause that you believe in especially if you can afford it.

Definitely for Mouth and Foot Painting artists- your contributions would surely benefit their artists. At least you allow them to continue to earn a living and to work with dignity. When they sent me the calendar, it costs only RM45. And the money means a lot to them.
It costs less than dining at a nice restaurant, about 3 or 4 times of fast food and less splurging on a piece of clothing that you probably would not wear.

We may complain about having unsatisfying job…work is too easy (not challenging enough), too hard (stress, stress, stress), too much office politics, too long commute, boss no good, etc, etc. But think about these artists who many of them lost the use of their hands and/or legs… and having a livelihood means a lot to them. They have to paint either by holding a paintbrush with their mouth or feet.

Well, we can choose to use their table calendar on our desk or give it away as a gift to someone. Last time the back copy is blank but now they have included a notes section for each day for you to jot down important dates or reminder.

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  1. Hi Nirmala,

    If not mistaken, they do not sell diaries. However you may contact them directly to find out.

  2. Hi. I have been supporting the organisation by purchasing cards and calendars which have been sent to my parents’ address for many years now. I have high regards for the artists that try so very hard to earn a living, therefore the continuous support. I’d like to highlight that card are not used anymore in this digital era. Calendars, well is still ok. Could you please look at producing merchandise that the general public can use instead of festive cards. Yes, they are very nice but seriously, I have so very many of them that I do not know how to deal with them. I’d like to continue to support the organisation in Malaysia but can there be other merchandise and not cards. Please look into the issue.

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