Planners and journals sold at Mr D.I.Y

You would be amazed at the variety of designs of their notebooks, journals and planners if you visit any of the larger Mr D.I.Y store. I love to check out their designs as I find the price of their planners are very affordable.

Mr DIY planners and notebook

I noticed they have this new A4 size planners- each one came in 52 sheets (for 52 weeks in a year). It can be used for meal planning and listing down important tasks/ appointments of the week. There one in pink under Hello Gorgeous has more sections: for top priorities, notes and exercise plan. Just I am a bit puzzled how the water intake could go into a weekly planner. It looked more like a daily planner.

Mr DIY planners and notebook

These Japanese theme exercise book and planner are also quite cute. The exercise/note book cost about RM2 plus.

Below are A5 size of planners. These books are light weight and fits nicely into a handbag that you can carry around. There are even smaller ones.

Mr DIY planners and notebook


Mr DIY does not sell branded and expensive journals and notebook. But I love the feel of some of their books. I have a blog progress journal where I document like an instruction guide for setting up things in my blogs. I bought that book from Mr DIY for RM8.50 about 2 years ago and I love the feel of the book.

Ultimately I don’t think the pricing is important. Most important is how you feel when you are holding and feeling the book. Do you love it? You better do because you sure would want to be using it often, rite?

I have been to bookstores and checked out the expensive planners, organizers, journals ….some causing more than RM100 but I was not tempted to buy them. Why?

Well….what can I say…. it does not spark joy (to quote Marie Condo)? For those with creative spirit, they would want to look at creative products.

Mr DIY planners and notebook

If you follow the famous YouTuber Lilly Singh’s Superwoman channel, you may love the unicorn theme. I suspect the unicorn notebook sold at Mr DIY as per above are blank pages which is supposed to be meant for sketching or something like that. But what is stopping you from turning it into a Bujo (bullet journal)?

Bullet journals are a more freestyle method that you can use to plan and organize your time and your life. Some people work better with using planners or diaries, some work better with Bujo.

A blank notebook is suited to make into a bullet journal. And you have quite a lot of designs to choose from Mr DIY. If you decide to start a bullet journal, you can do so at anytime and not necessary during the beginning of the year.

Mr DIY also sell stickers and washi tapes that you can use to decorate your planner. Another place you can find stickers and scrapbooking items is at Kaison.

Happy planning and may you meet your goals and aspiration.

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