Christmas gifts of motivational notebooks, bookmarks, posters, etc

Few of my bosses would give us Christmas gifts during the end of the year. After receiving gifts a few times, I started buying gifts for my boss and my team members too.

My favourite gifts to get them would be calendars, diaries, planners or notebooks. However, I eventually refine it to table calendars. Reason being is because planning tools such as planners and diaries are very individual- if they do not like the design, they tend not to use it.

As for calendars, they are getting increasingly harder to come by as many companies either limit the number or stop printing these calendars due to budget cuts. And even if they do, most would prefer the store bought ones rather than the free ones which carries the company logo and promos all over the pages.

Before I discovered the table calendars sold by Kaison which I love, I used to pay for about RM16 for a table calendar from Positive Ideas as Christmas gifts for the colleagues in my team. I would also try to buy the Islamic calendar for my Muslim colleagues- but the nice ones are also not easy to find.

The calendars would usually be on their desks all year round and they would use to jot down reminders and important dates. It makes me feel happy that a gift I buy is being turned into good use.

When I visited Popular recently, I saw that Positive Ideas also carry a large range of items such as fridge magnets, bookmarks, posters, notebooks and notepads in various designs and inspirational quotes:

Items from Positive Ideas

Items from Positive Ideas

Below are a large variety of bookmarks with motivational messages. Some are simple, some are worthy.

To be honest, I find the items are a little overpriced but it is still more reasonable compared to some other brands. Also, the messages in these items are positive and inspirational.

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