KFC Menu in Malaysia | 2019

Below is the KFC regular menu- the kind you would get when you visit their outlets during regular hours (after breakfast and before midnight). Do note that menu may vary from one outlet to another.

Update: The menu is updated as of July 2019 (click on the menu image if you wish to enlarge):

Overall menu:

KFC menu Malaysia 2019 Below are the One Box and combo meals. There is a choice of having the combo meals with fries and drinks or via ala carte style. The main item consists of either Zinger Burger, Cheezy Twister, Colonel Burger, Popcorn Chicken, Crispy tenders or nuggests.

There is also the Super Jimat Box where you are able to get different combinations at a budget price.
KFC menu Malaysia 2019Below are the classic combination. For example the family feast of 5 pcs (RM34.50), 9 pcs (RM53.80) and 15 pcs (RM79.30) which each one comes with Pepsi, 1 large coleslaw and one large whipped potato:

KFC menu Malaysia 2019

There is the 15 for RM15 where it consists of 10 pcs of nuggets and 5 pcs of crispy tenders…. it is mentioned in the poster that the offer is not forever….

KFC menu Malaysia 2019


What we ordered:

Note: Picture below is taken in October 2018 based on the older menu.

KFC Menu Malaysia

We ordered a snack plate and another set with rice. We also upgraded our soft drinks to the KFC float and added the jelly ice cream, gula Melaka pudding and cheesy wedges. In total it costs around RM40+.

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