Kaison- love their functional table calendars

Personally I really love the table calendars sold in Kaison. Two years ago, a friend gave me a calendar from Kaison which I really love and used often. Last year, I went to Kaison to source for the calendar– which arrived a little late… almost end of November .

This year, I was there twice in October and was pleasantly surprised to see that they have started to stock the calendars by end of October. The designs are more varied compared to last year:

Table calendars sold at Kaison Malaysia

What I love about table calendars from Kaison is because:

a. I love their design– the pastels, cute pictures and writing space

b. The pricing is reasonable- ie less than RM10– I do not think you can get any cute designs at this price.

c. There are white space and most of them are made from materials where you can write on them (except the unicorn themed calendar which comes out only this year)

d. Kaison calendars are a little special- they start from the month of September to the following year’s December.
This is useful especially when it is the first time you are getting the calendar and is gung ho to start getting more organized. Usually this feeling comes before the end of the year. Due to the calendar’s start date in September, you do not need to wait till January to use the calendar. The moment you buy the calendar you can start writing down appointments on your calendar.

Table calendars sold at Kaison Malaysia

This year, the additional variety comes in more different designs. There is one that display two months at a go.

Table calendars sold at Kaison Malaysia

Above are the new designs of the table calendar that they are stocking. You would notice there is enough space for you to write important appointments or reminders (for example certain meetings, due date to pay cards, outings, etc). The calendars you see above cost between RM8.50 to RM8.90. The month start from September 2018 to December 2019.

The designs are cheerful and can help to cheer up a serious working place. For the past two years, I’ve been diligently writing down important things on my Kaison calendar.

For example, sometimes I set a target for myself to complete a certain number of blog posts- I use my calendar to put one ‘I’ for each completed blog post. It is easy for me to count by end of every week to see if I am meeting my goal. There is enough place for me to write important appointments as well as goals and targets such as this:

Kaison calendar - how I use it

What I have bought from Kaison

The following are the calendars that I have bought from Kaison:

Table calendars sold at Kaison Malaysia

The calendars are meant as gifts for my friends. I have found that table calendars are often an appreciated items for Christmas gifts. I have been buying table calendars for colleagues for a number of years. The pricing of the calendars are: the large calendars RM8.50 – RM8.90, medium size RM6.90 and smaller calendar RM4.90.

The smaller calendar contains beautiful painted pages. They have a very nice watercolour painting for each month of what looked like either Chinese or Japanese theme.

Do note that Kaison’s calendars tend to run out of stock before end of the year.

Listing of Kaison outlets and phone numbers are updated in this blog. Note: Kaison also print the listing of their outlets and telephone numbers behind their receipt.



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