Happy Deepavali to all celebrants

Here’s wishing all celebrants a Happy Deepavali. Last weekend, the highways have started becoming congested as many are making the journey back to celebrate the Festival of Lights. While those who remained are busy doing last minute shopping and cleaning their homes.

View past compilation of meaningful Deepavali wishes from creative advertisers.

Recently I was in One Utama where there are some decorations and special sales booth for Deepavali. This year, a lotus based theme was being used:

Deepavali decoration at One UtamaI just love to admire the artistic work of Rangolis or kolams. This year, the rangoli carries a Starbucks logo:

Starbucks rangoli at One Utama

Kinda creative as it is first time I could see a Starbucks logo rangoli.

Deepavali decoration at One Utama

Deepavali decoration at One Utama

This year, TNB also produced a Deepavali video that really went viral. At first they advertised via Facebook and YouTube. But the video is so good that I went to search for it and viewed it for more than 5 times. I am sure by now you would have already seen the video. As of two days ago it had one million views and now the views have reached 1,956,210.

But if you have not yet watched it, please watch it and enjoy! The video is display family warmth with a little mischief thrown in. I find the rendition of a Michael Jackson dance song remedy using traditional Indian music to be real creative.

Family Mischief: 

Happy Deepavali 🙂

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