Where to find Indian food (including vegetarian) in Petaling Jaya

Tucked inside the Taman Selera food court located next to the PJ Old Town market in Jalan Othman, Petaling Jaya, there is a store called Kavitha which serve nice Indian dishes.

Sometimes I would go there to eat or to pack back (tah pau) their vegetarian dishes when I happened to be on vegetarian diet on certain observation dates (new moon, full moon and Nine Emperor Gods Festival). Also when I crave for Thosai masala and the mango lassi (mango blended with yogurt).

Kavitha's PJ Old Town - Indian Food

They really have a nice selection of vegetarian dishes- and especially on Sundays or public holidays when most of the affordable shops are closed:

Kavitha's PJ Old Town - Indian Food

Above is their vegetarian food selection. If you go too early like 10am or 11am, not all their dishes may be out yet. I love the fried bitter gound and Indian vegetarian curry rendang.

Kavitha's PJ Old Town - Indian Food

Above are the meat dishes- which is not completely out yet.

They also have various types of roti such as listed …..some of the names which I have not heard before… roti tsunami, roti jantan, roti scambled, roti banjir, roti sweet forever, cheezy murtabak (chicken or mutton), roti Jepun, kothu parotta (chicken or mutton), roti tampal, roti Hawaii, roti Maggi, roti kahwin, roti Fujima, special chapatti, roti Beckham and roti sardin ranggup. I would usually buy thosai masala, roti planta or roti telur if I am mood for some roti.

Kavitha's PJ Old Town - Indian Food

And their drinks- quite an interesting selection of drinks available aside from the usual Nescafe, teh tarik, Horlicks: ginger lime soda, cow’s milk ginger tea, badam (almond) milk, durian ABC, ice cream ABC, sirap selasih, chrysanthenum tea, soya cincau sirap, tembikai laici, Malibu mango lassi, cendol, mango ACB, salted mint lassi, Madras coffee, Masala chai, mixed fruit lassi, mini ABC, raspberry, Ribena lemon, Masala lassi and special brew coffee.

Kavitha's PJ Old Town - Indian Food

Above is one of the meals I have there. I was observing vegetarian diet so I had rice with 3 dishes (with my favourite papadam) and ordered my mango lassi. In total it costs me RM12…. RM7 for the rice with dishes and RM5 for the Mango lassi.

Usually they also sell snack food and kacang putih but as Deepavali nears, I saw that they have set up another store next door selling Deepavali cookies and sweets.

Their opening hours is 9am to 10pm everyday including public holidays.


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