Where to buy Deepavali cookies in Petaling Jaya

Tucked in the Taman Selera food court in Petaling Jaya Old Town, is a shop that you can explore in purchasing Deepavali cookies. This shop just opened not long and  is located next to Kavitha, which serves Indian food, both vegetarian and non vegetarian. I understand it is also run by the same owner.

It is interesting to see a store set up dedicated to sell all types of cookies and special delicacies for Deepavali such as various types of murukku, kacang putih (nuts), sweets, and even jam tarts.

Deepavali cookies in PJ Old Town

Deepavali cookies in PJ Old Town

Based on the writeup on the store, it is mentioned that they have made murukku since 1990 and is a wholesaler who distributes to many restaurants and snack outlets. And there are free samples that you can try before you decide if you wish to buy the murukku or not.

Here are the pricing based on the various types of murukku ….seriously I have no idea that there are so many flavours of murukku. Interesting….

Murukku Bottles Tin
Original 20 78
Butter 25 85
Fine 25 85
Garlic 23 80
Ginger Onion 23 80
Chili 23 80
Cheese 25 85
Achi Murukku 23 88
Mini 28 90
Masala 23 80
Ghee 25 85

They also have a huge selection arranged out on the tables (the store could not fit so much):

On usual non upcoming Deepavali days, I still see that this section (under Kavitha) sell some cookies, murukku, traditional Indian sweets and kacang putih. Just that as now Deepavali is nearing, they have a wide selections of cookies available.

Personally I have not bought the cookies from there but I hope this may help you if you wish to look for a place that sells a huge selection of Deepavali cookies made those who are considered expert (I know the pain I have to go through when hunting for fresh CNY cookies so if I find a place like this, I want to share with you). And you would most probably be a better judge of the taste than me because for me, I find most cookies, so long as they are fresh to taste nice.

However, I do occasionally buy food and drinks from Kavitha, the eatery next to it when I crave for Indian food. Instead of going to restaurants to eat, Kavitha is one of the shop that I pack my food in because we prefer to eat at home. Be it a sudden craving for masala thosai or on days where I am on vegetarian diet, I could find my food from Kavitha (they also serve the usual mutton, chicken, seafood and fish dishes). I find the prices of their food to be reasonable and the taste are quite nice. They open from morning to night.

Below is a brochure that one of their staff handle to me which have details and contact number:

Deepavali cookies in PJ Old Town

Selera Snacks
No 18, 19, 20, 21 Taman Selera, Jalan Othman, Petaling Jaya
No 63, Jalan Rida 3/56, Old Town, 46000 Petaling Jaya
Hp 012 269 4842 (Jeya)

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