Various Halloween decorations sold everywhere

Halloween falls on 31 October each year.  Many places are already selling Halloween decorations. Last year, I have written about shops in Petaling Street (KL Chinatown) that are selling quite a comprehensive Halloween attire, masks and decorations.

This year, there are other places that sells simple Halloween decorations:

Halloween deco at Cold Storage

Some Cold Storage outlets are quite creative with their Halloween decorations. They set up a simple area where they sell Halloween themed candies or simply candies that could be related to the Halloween theme. They put up the Halloween decorations as well as sell some of the decos.

Halloween deco at Cold Storage

Some of their items are quite cute.

Kaison cute pumpkin pillows

Whereas for Kaison, I do not notice any Halloween decorations but they do stock these cute little orange pumpkin pillows.

In my previous working place, we used to have Halloween themed decoration contests among various teams. In fact, our department used to organize such contests almost each major festival. The main objective is to promote teamwork. Some teams would buy the Halloween decorations directly whereas some would create the bulk of the decorations themselves such as drawing their own Halloween based art and using wool to make spiderwebs.

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