To engage makeup artist or learn the makeup yourself?

This article is meant for a person who usually do not like to apply makeup. But when there is an important event that is coming up, you may wonder should you learn to do the elaborate makeup or get someone to do it for you.

Yes, I understand that every girl/ woman should know how to apply and put on own makeup.. at least just a simple make-up.  It is a survival skill- at least to be able to put on a little on your own.

But what happened if there is an important function coming up and that you are expected to put on a more elaborate makeup? Unless you have the interest and wish to become a makeup artist, it is not worth to spend thousands of ringgit to learn (usually the formal lesson may require you to purchase a make-up kit which itself can cost more than a thousand ringgit). Also, a course itself would teach the theory- it would require tonnes of application and experience in order to ‘get it’. A makeup course would also teach you to apply to different condition, skin tones, events and types which a lot may not be applicable to you personally.

I did feel a little overwhelmed- I was trying to purchase makeup and was not able to decide on what to buy. Even though you watch makeup tutorials from YouTube, you would still not know what type of makeup to buy.

When in such a predicament, try to approach a friend who you like her makeup style and seek advice on what type of product to buy and how to apply the makeup.

Fortunately, I have a long time friend called Sukhada Lim who is not only well versed on make up, but is able to explain in layman terms on the uses and guide me to buy the correct makeup selection.  Many people know how to put on makeup on themselves but do not know how to apply for others.

Even if they do, they can teach you but they may be representing certain direct selling brands. Meaning they can teach you but it is understood that you would need to buy their products.

For Sukhada, she has experimented with makeup for many years and she has held previous corporate positions with 2 large multinational cosmetic and skin care company where her role was to guide the sales persons on how to help customers apply makeup. She has always been able to make such training to be fun and motivating for the salespersons who often have to meet different group of customers. She has never tried to push any particular brand to me.

Where to buy makeup sets- if you do not plan to apply makeup often

You can just buy simple sets from Guardian or Watson pharmacy outlets if you intend to occasionally apply makeup. For less than RM200, I managed to buy foundation powder, eyeshadow palette, pencil liner, lipstick, cotton and makeup remover.

If you plan to apply often, then invest in more expensive brands. And remember you must remove your make up each day after coming back from work.

Sukhada recently did a makeup for me- for morning and evening session. I would need to pay for the makeup artist but rather than paying someone who does not know me and ended up applying a look that I was totally not comfortable with, I asked Sukhada for help. As we have been friends for years, Sukhada is well aware my character – that I really do not like heavy makeup. Just enough to make me look presentable for the important function but not something totally unrecognizable.

She came first time, about 2 weeks before the event to apply and test the look to determine if I like the look. As she was doing my makeup and applying different stuff on my face, she explained the purpose of each item that she is applying.

We went out to have a drink and she told me not to remove the makeup yet to see if I am comfortable in it. The makeup did not run and I was okay with the colour selection.

On the day of the function, she came early and waited for me to be ready to help me apply the makeup. And on the evening, she helped with the touching up.

A woman’s worst nightmare is ending up with a ‘monkey’s backside 猴子屁股’ look …in Cantonese, we use the simile of monkey backside to refer to makeup that is overdone or too red (like the backside of a baboon) that makes a person looked ugly instead of beautiful. Sukhada is able to do in a look that I want.

I did informed Sukhada that she has such enormous talent and that she can help others who may face similar predicament as me. If you are like me, who basically do not bother much about makeup but could not run away from applying due to certain functions, and do not want to end up with a look that is totally not you,  you may want to consider connecting with Sukhada:

Sukhada Lim

You may reach her via her Facebook page at


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