McDonalds Menu in KLIA airport

McDonalds at KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) is usually crowded with customers during the day time. In the past prior to boarding at KLIA, I would usually have my meals at either McDonalds or Secret Recipe.

McDonalds Menu in KLIA

Of course, the meals from McDonalds in KLIA understandably will cost more compared to normal McDonalds outlets. However, I do not find the price difference to be too substantial- perhaps between 10% to 15% more. McDonalds is still one of the least expensive fastfood restaurant to have your meals in KLIA.

Below is the menu taken in August 2018 (sorry for the delay in uploading this article) during my last visit to the airport (you may click on the menu to enlarge it):

The price below excludes the service tax which was being re-introduced starting from 1 September 2018.

McDonalds Menu in KLIA

Above are the McValue Meal. And also they have a menu in Arabic and Chinese language:

McDonalds Menu in KLIA

Below there is a Durian Mcflurry but it is likely a seasonal offer:

McDonalds Menu in KLIA

The McDonalds in KLIA also serves coffee- which you can see from below is more affordable compared to other cafe like Starbucks or Gloria Jeans.
McDonalds Menu in KLIA


McDonalds Menu in KLIA

Above is the milkshake price of RM4.55 each.

In the past, I have seen people actually packed McDonalds from other outlets and take it to the airport to eat later. Personally, I do not think it is worth doing that because by the time you arrive at the airport, the ice in your coke would have melted and your fries would have turned very soggy. Soggy fries does not taste nice. It is better to pay a little more, and have a nice place to sit down to enjoy your meal.

Above is the meal I enjoyed with my friend when we were at the airport. I basically paid an additional RM3 plus to upgrade from coca cola to iced latte.

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