Kah lui peng (Chinese wedding biscuits)

In Chinese wedding tradition, kah pui ping is being distributed by the soon-to-be bride’s family when they are sending wedding invitation to relatives and friends.

These biscuits are usually given out in pairs- either in 2 pieces or 4 pieces. Kah Lui Ping (wedding biscuits)

The one in red contains red bean paste while the one in yellow contains lotus paste.

Usually the kah lui ping biscuits are distributed few weeks prior to the wedding by the soon-to be bride’s family. The biscuits are usually ordered and paid by soon-to-be groom’s family. The bride’s family would usually calculate the number of people that is required to distribute (usually varies from 50 to 200 boxes).

The groom or his family would then source and order the kah lui ping from a bakery.  When I was young, I remember only getting the biscuits placed in a plastic bag, received from a family who is soon to be bride. Nowadays, effort is placed into the packaging aspect as well:

Kah lui ping Chinese wedding biscuits

The kah lui ping would then be picked up by the groom’s side and given during or around the goh tai lai (过大礼) ceremony. The shelf life is usually only about 2 weeks hence the bride and her family would need to quickly to distribute the kah lui peng usually together with the wedding invitation card. Sometimes if the relatives are outstation, they would need to travel to distribute the biscuits.

However, I have heard that sometimes due to lack of time, it is sometimes given out on the wedding dinner itself.

The above is from Tong Kee Bakery. Of course if you buy from Tong Kee, the price is not cheap (cost about RM9+ for the two pieces that you see above). But the biscuits are bigger than those sold at bakeries or market. The taste is okay and fresh.

For wedding biscuits, it is stated in their brochure that you need to place the order one week in advance, with a minimum order of 10 boxes.
They mentioned that their products are preservative-free, they highly recommend that it is consumed once opened (the biscuits come in sealed packages). The expiry date is also printed in the packaging.

TK outlets/branches (Tong Kee Food Corporation Sdn Bhd (59661-D)):

  • Pudu Tel: 03-21411126
  • Sri Petaling: 03-90579926
  • Puchong: 03-80711777
  • Damansara Uptown: 03- 77266133
  • Kota Damansara: 03-61421218
  • Subang Jaya: 03-52320433
  • Cheras Taman Segar: 03-91344820
  • Mahkota Cheras: 03-90105339
  • Serdang: 03-95441576

Website: tk2u.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tk2u

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