Christmas Decorations sold at Kaison

Kaison have already started selling Christmas decoration in stages. When I was at the store, I have started seeing a few customers buying Christmas decorations.

Kaison Christmas Decos

I have written a similar post last year about their Christmas decos. Not only they have a huge selection of Christmas decorative items, there are also a lot of Christmas gifts that you can get from there- such as soft toys and decorative items.

Kaison Christmas Decos

There is the nice Merry Christmas wordings which you can buy to decorate your walls. After the festival is over, you can fold back the words carefully and reuse for the following year.

Kaison Christmas Decos

I like their cute santa specs- cute grandfather red rimmed glasses. It quite complete with the santa hat, don’t you think so?

Kaison Christmas Decos

There are also a few selections of cute reindeer headgear.

Kaison Christmas Decos

and of course, decorative lights to be used for Christmas trees.

Kaison Christmas packs and cards

They sell their own unique Christmas cards as well as Christmas themed gift bags where you can put in small Christmas gifts in them. Sometimes bosses who are buying Christmas gifts for their staff would place in these Christmas themed paper bags.

I am still waiting for their calendars to arrive…..

You can visit this post for Kaison’s outlets and telephone numbers in Malaysia.

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